• Steve3
    I'm THE BEST!
    Comments: 104

    I like how the edits in Radu videos are always so rough, he’s still learning the craft

  • geddyb
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 20

    I guess Michelle’s sister, Becky, fell victim to the “no zone” in Subspecies IV…

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
    Comments: 935

    ::Radu watches music video:: What eez thees? What thee hell am I watching? How do I even respond to this…..?

  • Zinus
    Comments: 9

    I frickin love the what-the-hell-is-going-on face he makes at the music videos. XD Which were hilariously odd and out of place.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
    Comments: 122

    lol i like how you have added more to the costume are you going took a little different again in the next review , like how he changed through out the sequals

  • Aural Aurum
    Just might make the CUT
    Comments: 46

    HA! I watched this when I was taking driver’s ed–holy shit. Eleven years ago? How the hell old am I?

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
    Comments: 110

    THIS was a driver’s ed video?! I’m pretty sure that people just learning how to drive were OLDER THAN 14! MUCH older! Fuckin’ condescending piece of… Radu! Kill them all!