• zaki
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    couldnt agree more.. or could i

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    it feels gross to refer to annihilation as mk2
    mk2 beinng my favourite of the series
    it’s definitely true what was said about the fatalies in trilogy(and mk3) and mk2
    it always bothered me that when someone was decapitated they continued standing

    even worse were fatalies like kung lao’s hat throwing one where part of the arms would float :/

    in regards to the movie i learnt that this movie was even worse than i originally thought

  • Kara99
    Old Man
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    I remember the soul-crushind disappointment of seeing this movie in the theater when it came out.  The first one is still one of the best video game movies ever made.  Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe the movie was TOO good, so they had to make sure the second one exceeded the level of awful required to make up for the first one’s greatness.  Seriously, the actors had to say “Animality” and no one questioned how completely stupid it sounded.

    Also, I don’t understand the bitching about the crossovers.  The reason I loved watching Lupa’s videos when she first showed up on TGWTG was because her sense of humor, her mannerisms, and her whole style is very similar to Phelous.  She’s like a female Phelous (phemalous?).  And the chemistry they have when they work together is simply amazing, as well as adorable.

    Guess that makes me an idiot to all the people bitching about Lupa and Phelous doing crossover reviews and cameos.  Well I have one thing to say to those people:


  • MikeKz
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    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is so bad, that even a review of the movie is tough to watch.  I bet Christopher Lambert saw the script to this movie and said, “No thank you sir!  I have better things to do, like make some direct to video movies!”  So instead they got Ajax from The Warriors to play Raiden.  


  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I didn’t even know there WAS a sequel.


    Wow, these are some grade D special effects here.


    Short haired Raiden: 70% less attractive than the same face with long hair.


    Hey dad, has anyone ever told you that I look a little older than you?


    Damn, I think Jade needs a sandwich. I think Jade needs 100 sandwiches.


    “LEFTOVERS?!” lol.

  • BooRat
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    Ill admit I like this movie as a giulty pleasure but I will admit it is vERY flawed as hell!  I do like the fact the costumes in this movie are better.  At least they don’t look like they were fished out of a Wallgreen’s after Halloween bargen bin!  

    I still hope the new reboot movie they’re making goes the fallow Scorpion as the lead rout!

  • Tool1523
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    Phelous is on the right track but still this isnt Horror. come on Phelous just give in mate give us a horror review.

    • DCEnygma
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      Uhhh… Mortal Kombat and Silent Hill have always been a part of his videos. Why do you have a problem with him reviewing these?

      Awesome video, as always, sir! Also, I fell out of my chair during the “ice on the stove” bit. That was great.

      Gonna do the animated show next?

  • Tool1523
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    Well like I said he is heading in the right driection. I think he might be stepping on Doug’s toes just a little bit though with the last two reviews. I understand he loves Mortal Kombat so I can understand the review, However it’s kinda taking advantage of Doug.

  • megadolaon
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    Is Nostalgia Critic’s manhood–er, Critiquehood– challenged because of these reviews? 🙂

  • CodeOuch
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    Why is everyone taking Phelous’ reviews so seriously all of a sudden? I am sure he puts a lot of effort into them but his “I don’t care” attitude is part of the charm about them.

    He just makes these to entertain folks… no need to get all political about them.

  • IHadAShotgun
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Hilarious and awesome. I was so certain that you’d end it by transforming into ChaosD1 and reusing the cat-fight footage from the Meow Mix review that I basically wet myself when you went with AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT callback instead.

    Loved the Mortal Phombat reviews as much as I actually loved the first movie, thanks again for the laughs.

  • Cornwind Evil
    Cornwind Evil
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    Just watch, Phelous! You toned down the crossovers, which was a mild and stupid issue anyway, but now people will complain you’re not doing horror! Or maybe they’ll complain you’re dying at the end of your reviews again! (Pencil sharpener aside). Also, wow, you sure have a lot of Mortal Kombat ninja costumes…I dare you to take pieces from all of them and appear as Chameleon!

    • Dejablue
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      Mmmmm delicious pan fried ice cubes.  Though sadly I have no attatchment to mortal kombat (street fighter on the other hand..)  but still this was pretty funny.

  • thedeadhalo
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    If only there was Johnny Cage though. If only……

    And I love the remark you made about the guy bitching about you and Allison’s crossovers.

  • AlCool
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    …don’t be so hard on New-Raiden Phelous! I mean come on, he played Ajax in the original Warriors movie!


    In all seriousness though, this movie was a pile, but still hilarious to watch. I thought the first was amazing when it came out, and never have I been so disappointed by a sequel.


    Sometimes I wonder if they only killed off Johnny Cage because they couldn’t get Lindin Ashby again.

  • David
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Phelous, as I represent a twelth of your fan base I’d like to say
    that I’m not at all happy with you being such a three dimensional fellow. Please
    follow the list of demands below or I’ll tattoo an image of Tommy Wiseau’s
    scaly, reptilian ass directly onto your retina.


    The demands:

    1.  Don’t have a girlfriend; I don’t have one and you having one is therefore
    2. Stop wearing a red shirt. As a child I was worried by a garden gnome who often sported a red shirt.
    3. Stop doing reviews of films that begin with anything other than the letter ‘V’.
    4. Before each review you should let me know what the subject matter will be and I’ll reply with a detailed report of my personal opinion of said subject matter which you will then mirror in your review.
    5. Dye your beard lime green.
    6. Totally redecorate your reviewing room. Some posters of Vanilla Ice would be rad. Some rubber bats on strings wouldn’t go amiss either.


    I think that’s all for now


  • the-omega-geek
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    When not even Christopher Lambert returns for a sequel, you know it’s gonna be bad. This is the guy who was in every single theatrically released Highlander film (along with appearing in the pilot for the tv show). Of course back when this film came out we didn’t have wikiepedia to tell us who was gonna be in what movie so not everyone would no he wasn’t in this. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christopher Lambert. Even if the movie is questionable he’ll still have a nice presence to him. That being said he has done some questionable films. But he’s also an actor and needs to pay the bills. Good review as always Mr. Porteous. Becuause YOU’RE THE BEST! ^_^

  • JoeCat
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    • Great. The Elder SubZero takes Scorpion’s life and family, and now the Younger SubZero takes over Scorpion’s daytime cooking show. And he was one hell of a cake decorator.

    – – – – –

    • Anywho, being a big fan of MK, I love the attention you paid to both films. I was admittedly surprised how much credit you gave back to the source games (ala Ermac’s non-existent yet complicated origins), which just made enjoyment of this review much higher. I have to admit, I was fearing this review might contain numerous rage-moments like the TMNT Forever review, but was quite pleased it didn’t.

    – – – – –

    • Movie Comment: Gotta love too that they kept inserting non-characters, like the CGI giants, army of unnamed goons, and the sorta-Ninjas (the Reptile knockoffs) rather than giving the huge cast of camoe characters more screentime.

    – – – – –

    • Obligatory Pointless Review Nitpick: No Motaru love during the character intro segment? It’s ok, Motaru always sucked, and even moreso in this film. At least he died with all 4 of his legs this time (>^_^)>.


  • TheGuyWithNoName
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    The fact that this movie is supose to revolve around both Mortal Kombat 3 and MK4 is beyond me.


    And fuck I heard that ed boon and john tobias were kind of upset that the movie made it out for shao kahn and raiden to be brothers.

  • New To The Terror
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    The first was hilarious but this movie inspired my name.

  • WebbyMoto
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    I’m sorry Annihilation, I might be able to take your whole song and dance seriously if your main antagonist didn’t spend the whole movie carry on like he just got home from a Simple Plan concert.

  • paintedwallpaper
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    “get outtta here”  favorite line


    anyway, i saw this movie with my dad, the movie theatre was empty, and we did kung fu the whole time.  my dad is generally a dick, so this move became special to me because of that i guess, also because i love the games so much, and MK keeps peddling crap at us fans.  that TV show you keep reviewing is nothing more that “hurcules: the legend continues” or “xena, warrior princess” with mortal kombat characters.  If you want to see something good, check out mortal kombat legacy online… but i digress

    uh oh, shao khans lackies, lets run… ok we are safe… ah we are being attacked by a real character… he/she is dead…uh oh, shao khans lackies, lets run… ok we are safe… ah we are being attacked by a real character… he/she is dead…uh oh, shao khans lackies, lets run… ok we are safe… ah we are being attacked by a real character… he/she is dead…

    good job phelous