Octopus 2

Octopus 2 has a yellow eyed demon harbor patrol cop who takes over the body of an octopus to get revenge on his partner who left him to die and a little old and and her stupid dog called Mozart.


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  • RoperFDF
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    i don’t wanna be eli roth anymore.

    oh yea…..great video….

  • Grategy
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    Don’t worry, yellow eyes will be back after some conveniently placed octopus-powered time travel. I believe in him! This movie seemed really… Derpy.

  • Jaimas
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    Did they celebrate the deaths of the kids at the waterfront?!

    Those despicable [i]bastards[/i].

  • Aural Aurum
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    MOZAAAAAAAHT…will live.


  • Jorda75
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    Another great review Phelous. I’m always looking for terrible CG cephalopod movies and until Cuttlefish 3D: The Re-Cuttling comes out this will certainly hold me over.

    Oh and I also grew up in Nova Scotia (all the way in NB now!) and I remember when me and my friends would go down to the beach and watch the hundreds of giant octopi swim past, it was magical.

  • cscarlett15
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    Mmmmm octopie ^¬^ gimme gimmie.

    The hobo is quite an intelligent character, he knows you need ALOT of alcohol to be able to watch this film (just not around the octopus because he will not like you aka he will kill you).

    I need a dog like Mozart; he can help me destroy my enemies and on a side note a great big awwww because you looked so cute trying to ride that little tricycle

  • ggbhtg
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    Talking wit that Brooklyn accent must make it difficult to concentrate on sheeeetty movie reviews!….Keep doing it. :V

  • SsnakeBite
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    I am very confucius by the ending.

    • Desertpunk23
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      That’s not the real ending, Phelous is just making a joke that the actual ending doesn’t matter.

      If I remember correctly the detective guy crawls in the Octopuses mouth to blow it up or something stupid like that.

  • thedeadhalo
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    Thank god that its not the octopus from animated titanic 2. Then it really WOULD be horror!

  • DementedDawn
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    Wait a second…was Phelous, a CANADIAN, wearing an American Eagle shirt?! How dare he ruin the name of us great Americans! He SHOULD be wearing a Canadian Beaver shirt!

    All jokes aside, this review was marganars-I mean quite entertaining…yes.

  • Jellah-Feesh
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    Lucky you, Phelous. You have snow. Down where I am, we have this-is-way-the-hell-too-warm-to-be-winter weather, plus it’s wet. Yay for going out in cold weather in a T-shirt! (I’m Canadian too).

  • Zarosguth
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    Oh my fucking god it’s an octopus!

    Jesus Christ, what the fuck?!

    Oh my fucking god, fucking octopi!

    Holy shit! What the fuuuuuuuuuck!?!?

  • aspire77
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    …fucking kids

  • WebbyMoto
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    I think the true plot of this movie has been overlooked.


    Clearly the Octopus was bred by Samuel Colt himself, therefore being the only Octopus being capable of killing Azazel, the Colt-opus if you will. The school children were actually all born on the same day, and the reason the Mayor’s Assistant is taking care of them is because all their mothers were killed in house fires when they were all exactly six months old. The Mayor’s assistant is actually a Demon named Meg, and she is escorting the bus to a deserted town where all the kids will fight to the death – with the sole survivor heading out, by boat, the the centre of the Hudson River to open Hells Gate.


    Seeing this happening, the ghost of John Winchester took control of the Colt-opus, and setup Azazel knowing he had to keep up the appearance of being a coastal police officer, at least until his transfer. The plan went off perfectly until, after om-nom-noming Azazel, the Colt-opus went demonic-rogue and decided to destroy New York (da-da-da-daaa). Azazel’s old partner than met Sam & Dean Winchester (off screen) who happened to be in town investigating a chair that sat people to death (also off screen). Once he was aware of the situation, Azazel’s old partner, who for reasons of story telling we will call Boring McNoname, decided to blow himself up to destroy to Colt-opus.


    With Azazel dead, Meg’s field trip to Demonblood Murdertown Virgina was thwarted, and after being hunted by Dean and Sam, she escaped into the body of the chief who went on to create a company called “Skynet”…


    In the meantime, Sam and Dean were stranded in New York after the police impounded their Impala for, erm, existing I guess – so they chartered a helicopter and flew out of town. Sam, now dressed in a wide brimmed hat and a blue collar shirt looked out the window and saw some birds. But they weren’t birds, they were Pterodactyls, but not just any Pterodactyls, they were Pterodactyls bred by Samuel Colt, Colt-odactyls! Leading perfectly into this movies sequel, Giant Octopus Vs. Mega Colt-odactyl, currently in post production by The Asylum.

    Leaving all that aside though, great review Phelous – thanks for the laughs!

  • Ultratech94
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    “Staring out at us with his yellow eyes. He had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!”