• MikeKz
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    Nice commentary.  I don’t get what the filmmakers were thinking either, when they designed the aliens.  Mac is actually okay, but the adults are super creepy.  Mac and Me may suck, but it’s an okay documentary of being a suburban child in the late 1980s.  I really the kid’s Bravestarr Fort Kerium playset.  I concur Phelous, no McDonald’s birthday party I ever went to was that exciting either. 


    Phelous, do you collect Transformers in general, or are you just a fan of Starscream? 


    BTW, that girl who works at McDonald’s, played by Katrina Caspary, is in a movie that Lupa might like.  It’s called “My Mom’s a Werewolf.”  It’s a pretty good horror comedy from 1989.  It’s got John Saxon as a werewolf. 

  • CodeOuch
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    you guys have any plans of doing the same thing to Lupa’s first video?

  • BooRat
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    Great commentary! I actually liked the Mac and Me episode!
    Ya’ll sounded tired while filming this.

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    ..I heard Phelan once plucked some guys eye balls out of his head then showed them to him before he died.

    being honest though – if I saw someone in that alien costume walkin down an alley in the middle of the night I am still going to shit it 😐
    but yeah phelous reviews have the best gags and cameos

    Yano what I find strange..
    Mcdonalds, a world renowned billion dollar unhealthy fast food restaurant chain – and THEY’RE the number 1 sponsors of the Olympics 2012?..Aahhh my brainnn! O_o

  • ADI1981
    Old Man
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    I liked this video commentary very much. Hope to see more of this kind. Especially i liked the tipps for doing reviews. That part was interesting of you two. Maybe you could do a littlle tutorial video?