• CodeOuch
    Comments: 8

    next time you should out your hand straight up… would look like you are operating a Lupa Muppet.

  • Rakmi
    Comments: 78

    Phelous and Lupa sitting in a tree…

  • thedeadhalo
    Comments: 69

    Watching people review there own stuff is always fun for me, probably because it reminds me of MST3K! XD Anyways, im glad you chose to look back on this movie, because its one of my favorite reviews.
    And BTW: You and Allison make a cute couple :3

  • SsnakeBite
    Comments: 76

    Ah, Funny Games! Finally a movie adaptation of YouTube comments. Seriously, this movie’s “message” can pretty much be summed up to “if U liek horor moviz ur just liek baby killrz!!1! thumbz up if u agree!” This isn’t a movie, it’s a temper tantrum.

    Also, it raises the question: if moviegoers are bad people for watching violent movies, what does that make the people who MAKE these movies? Seriously, if I’m a terrible person for watching it, what about the guy who made an entire family die just to spite me?

    • Dust
      Bat Hero
      Comments: 86

      “It’s alright for me, because I’m so arty and European. You peasant.”


      The joys of the Parody Retcon – the guy wanted to make a stupid horror movie with weird shots, but couldn’t admit it. So he added even dumber characters and a magic Remote to act like it’s some indictment of Gorno films… in 1997.. well known for the genre?


      (Still, I wouldn’t mind an actual Slasher parody – have the guy not be able to get into the house, and the victims over-power him while he’s trying to pick a lock. It’d be ten minutes or so, but it’ll be better then this stupid movie)

  • BooRat
    Comments: 7

    I thought the review was funny but the movie just sounded so terrible I haven’t even seen it and I’m pissed that it exist!

  • HatefulCactus
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 29

    Always nice to see my name in the credits. Even though I had nothing to do with this review.