• darkdav3
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    Wow Allison ive seen and love every movie on this list we deffinitly have the same taste in movies and some of these are films I grew up with again great list 🙂

  • thedeadhalo
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    Wow, our tastes vary greatly XD Nice videos anyway, i didnt know some of these even existed! TO NETFLIX!

  • fredlepchuck123
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    I thought it was interesting that she didn´t include the Fly. Especially since she said that she liked Jeff Goldblum.

  • fredlepchuck123
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    Great video!

  • M Chambers
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    ‘Maniac Cop!’ Yes, thank you! This is great film I always passed over at the video store as just another slasher.
    The score is haunting and I really loved how the killer was truly a good cop very wronged and back from the grave for revenge.
    I also liked the idea that there is a state between life and death where if they’re really not alive then they really cannot be killed or feel pain.
    ‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ is a masterpiece! Even Roger Ebert gave it four stars! It’s perfect from beginning to end.
    What’s great is how self aware it was. It mocked the 80s as if it was a retro movie made 20 years later and they knew exactly what about the 80s would become a joke. But it didn’t hate the 80s. At the same time it embraced the horror.
    ‘Death Becomes Her’ like ‘The Cable Guy’ is one of the most hated movies in history. Rightfully so? The reason both films were ripped to shreds by audiences and critics because they were HEAVILY advertised with misinformation. Audiences were told to expect a fun comedy not a black comedy.
    It’s the perfect case of how a movie can bomb simply by too much and misdirected advertising.
    It’s Robert Zemeckis’ darkest film by far. His best directing Oscar was only two years away.