Jack Frost

Jack Frost’s parents named him in hopes he’d become a snowman one day. Unfortunately, he just became a lame jokster in a foam suit.


  • Rakmi
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    I reeeaaaaally want that little bird on your christmas tree.

  • Kirath
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    Is Phelous getting into shape? :O

    • Desertpunk23
      A Real Turtles Fighter
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      As long as he doesn’t start sporting speedos and dancing to LMFAO songs best of luck to him! lol

    • Gunwild
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      He’s clearly just working his way towards having the 24-inch pythons for a Hulk Hogan parody for when the man finally makes his horror movie debut in “Black River,” now in production… that’s a real thing that’s happening, by the way.

    • Gunwild
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      But seriously, though, more power to him if he is. Or maybe the light winter just has him dressing in less layers, who the crap knows.

    • joliet_jane
      Just might make the CUT
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      Yep, posting from 2016 now, and Phelan is still lookin’ great! Frankly he looks better now than he did when he started his reviews.

  • DarkSurge91
    Old Man
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    Snowman rape? they actually added snowman rape.. that is messed up.. o0

  • Son of Anarchy
    Son of Anarchy
    Old Man
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    There should be a battle between this Jack Frost and Michael Keaton’s Jack Frost.

  • Masterofhorss93
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    When I saw it was Jack Frost I thought it was that stupid family film the Nostalgia Critic reviewed. Turns out it wasn’t and coincidentally both share the same title. That would be funny if a parent was to get confused while getting it from the store for his kid. hahahahaha

    • Furioso
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      [quote=Masterofhorss93]When I saw it was Jack Frost I thought it was that stupid family film the Nostalgia Critic reviewed. Turns out it wasn’t and coincidentally both share the same title. That would be funny if a parent was to get confused while getting it from the store for his kid. hahahahaha[/quote]

      That actually happened to me, kind of, they caught the error on the way home from the video store because my mom was looking at the VHS cover, which was one of those hollographic ones that changes to a new pic when you angle it, and until that point it looked like a happy snowman, until she picked it up and turned into a demon, that was a fun day

  • QuetzaDrake
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Oh man, Jack Frost 2 potentially next week! If you loved Jack Frost’s one-liners and especially the sexual “humor”of snowman rape, you’re gonna REALLY love Jack Frost 2!

  • thedeadhalo
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    I really enjoyed this one! Never really liked it as a kid, glad to see you rip it to hell! XD

  • MikeKz
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    Huh, this movie is more like a dark Frosty the Snowman than anything else.  Too bad the title didn’t reflect that. Something like Bloody Frosty or Frosty the Snowkiller.

    Snowman rape? Even taking A Serbian Film and The Human Centipede 2 into account, that’s really fucked up.


    Savages!  Anyone who’s seen John Ford’s Stagecoach and The Searchers should already know that it can snow in Arizona. 



    By the way, you can tell blip.tv that those Virigin Airlines ads are SUPER FUCKING ANNOYING.  Thank you.

  • Penelope Tweed
    Penelope Tweed
    Old Man
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    Actually, carrot rape COULD kill her. The roughness of the carrot could tear the vaginal wall and cause an aneurysm on the vaginal wall. The continued rape can then cause said aneurysm to burst, which will cause the air bubble to enter the blood stream and when it reaches the heart, cause immediate death. Though the blood trickle wouldn’t happen. So they obviously didn’t go this route. Which makes this info pointless…

    …. Why do I know these things?

  • predalienking6
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    3 things:
    1: I always love these lupa cameos, they’re always hilarious
    2: fucking snowman rape? Tasteless disgusting repulsive sick bastards.
    3: now I’m even more annoyed that I can’t go to magfest. Maybe next year… or some other convention.

  • djsocrates
    Old Man
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    …that people might be shocked that a horror movie about a serial killer whose DNA bonds with snow through troll science, in which the killer is defeated by a kid who thought that antifreeze makes for a great baking ingredient, might include something as offensive and classless as a rape scene. Whenever I watch a movie like this, I know exactly what I’m getting myself into. Is it awful? Of course, no one’s saying it isn’t. But shocking? Not when you see it coming from a mile away.

  • Demonjack123@aol.com
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Simply the best horror movie ever. I was just thinking about watching this for the past 2 days since I only remember seeing jack frost 2. And recently read a comic parodying it “Frigid McThunderBones” by David Hopkins!

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    If michael keaton was in this one instead; THAT would have been a fuckin movie.

  • DSMD1991
    Old Man
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    I’d love to get carrot fucked

  • Dejablue
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    Carrot nose rape….Its just as bad as tree rape. No its worse.


    Also they should have just said the serial killer made a pact with Satan or some crap like that as the reason he comes back as a snowman.

  • IHadAShotgun
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Awesome that you and or Lupa are/ were fans. Assuming that you noticed double-helix-soul-chemical-science-guy was the nun-killing priest possessed by Yellow Eyes. So many bad horror movies would be made awesome if we assumed Supernatural characters were involved.

  • New To The Terror
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    I saw this for years at the local movie store and im sad to have missed this terrible treat.

  • turbowolf7
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    i’ve got an anti-freeze cookie!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Thankskilling, Jack Frost, Gingerdead Man….All the same movie in a way.