Wrong Turn

Oh no super powered inbred cannibals! Our heroes must blend into the background or bore them to death to survive!


  • fpsbcheezit
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    I remember this movie… I also remember breaking my TV remote against the wall when the batteries died and I was stuck watching it.. because who the hell wants to get up and change the channel by hand?

  • Peloquin
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    I didnt mind this one too much, it was nothing speical but I didnt think it was horrible, same goes for the sequel although that is saved by Henry Rollins IMO.

    However Wrong Turn 3 is pretty much one of the worst films I have ever seen, I would even go as far to say it makes every thing reviewed by our lord and master Phelous look good in comparison, apparently the 4th was doe by the same people too so theres no way in hell I’m even gonna give it a try.

  • Desertpunk23
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I’m from Eastern Kentucky and my family’s as hillbilly as they get. I must say that most inbred people ive met lacked super powers or skills, they usually just had government jobs. lol

  • Shawn DC
    Shawn DC
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    Living in WV, I remember the ‘reaction’ when this movie’s trailer first started showing. Mostly anger with some wonderful mixture of sarcasm.

    I remember watching the film…but all I remember is the after credits scene where a cop goes to investigate the burned remains of the shack.

    The first sequel was surprisingly good to me, but the other two are just…dear goodness, bad. Especially the latest one.

  • thelovelynerd29
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    I remember watching this movie when it first came out, I was probably only 13, and was afraid of pretty much everything, so naturally it scared me. I watched it again recently, now being in my 20’s, and was very disappointed. This movie has no real horror value, not to mention no originality AT ALL! The whole “being chased in the woods” thing has been done so much. Honestly, to me this was just a way less creepy version of The Hills Have Eyes. At least that movie had some originality!

  • WikiSorcerer
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Weren’t you being chased by Michael in the last episode? You could easily follow that up as a reoccuring character that – like most other secondary characters on your show – try to kill you and fail in someway.

  • Razorgeist
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Yeah WT isn’t great but its heads and tales above Cabin Fever. Why do I bring up Cabin Fever. Before Cabin Fever came out Eli Roth posted an online video calling this movie out as an example of bullshit horror films as he put it. If we didnt go and see his masterpeice Cabin Fever then the studios would continue to make BS horror movies where we dont see Eliza Dushku’s titties (because apparently the only thing that makes good horror films is tittie shots). Yeah he really did go on a spheil like that.

  • ggbhtg
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    I remember seeing this movie! Well, the part where blue shirt died, anyway. aaaaand that’s about it, this was pretty much a bare bones for reals movie review/recap thing since there wasn’t much to say about it, but it wasn’t bad. Then again, the humor’s usually a bonus to me.

    I would’ve preferred the alt ending to All Hallows: Revivy Wivey, even if we hadn’t gotten the eargasm that is “Trick Or Treat, Motherfucker”.

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
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    This one got good towards the end.
    Not suprised he crashed though, wasn’t he just smokin’ some bud with Batista?

  • TaronCodar
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    This movie is so bland and unmemorable that it makes Rod from Birdemic look like Barry Burton.

  • Omni
    Old Man
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    I loved the review Phelous. Awesome as always. I, like Shawn DC, also live in West Virginia and remember the uproar this movie brought from the public, by furthering the stereotype that WV is nothing but hills, dirt roads, and inbreds. I’ve never seen the film but definitely enjoyed your review of it. I’m not big on this movie for the stereotypes that this keeps bringing to the public in the world. Most people in the US outside of the East coast of the states dont even know WV is really a state and movies like this feed an ignorant group that I have come in contact many times. X-files seems to be one of the only things I’ve seen that portrayed WV in a way that doesn’t rely on its stereotypes and for that I greatly respect that show, given too, that it is my favorite show anyway. But what can I say everyone has stereotypes that they must live with, and I’m sure that you’re no stranger to that being Canadian. But I’m still entertained by this video and am greatly looking forward to the next review. Keep up the good work. ^^

    PS: never met or known any inbreds.

  • DCEnygma
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    This is essentially a toned down version of The Hills Have Eyes, isn’t it? Really weak premise. And they made a sequel to this? Does Hollywood just not care anymore? Wait… THREE SEQUELS!?! Ugh… I don’t feel so well…

  • The FanFic Critic
    The FanFic Critic
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    The only redeeming quality was having Elisa in it, I guess…

  • Tai0Purto
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    oh I never knew about that Halloween alternative ending, that was interesting. o u o

  • Jellah-Feesh
    Just might make the CUT
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    Uhh… did you just review a movie? All I can remember is you talking, then standing outside, then the ending theme. I guess whatever you reviewed (assuming there actually WAS something) is so bland, it defies remembering. Especially for the ADD-endowed (like yours truly)… OMG butterfly! *runs off in pursuit*

  • DJhyyper
    Old Man
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    How does this movie have sequels? The first one wasn’t even good.


  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    I noticed that the gas station hick in this movie and in its first sequel is played by Wayne Robson, aka Mike Hamar from the Red Green Show! I’m kinda disappointed there weren’t any references about that in either review, but oh well.