• marcofrosa
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    Wait, no Mortal Kombat joke about Freddy appearing in the last game? I’m so disappointed… Just kidding, great review as always!!!

  • Aural Aurum
    Just might make the CUT
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    Yes! I called it! Platinum Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnes!!!

    Also, those faces that you and Lupa were making back and forth at each other at the end were WAY scarier than anything in that movie.

  • kracot
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    I really enjoyed your take on this remake, but you forgot to mention the subplot of how the main characters don’t know if Freddy was innocent or not, it was a stupid subplot, but that’s why I thought you’d mention it. xD

    Great job as always man.

    also, first!

  • Kyle Logan Hamlin
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    They made Freddy look like an alien gray!  Worse still, they made a character who was a psychotic demon-possessed devil, suffering from severe sado-masachism, whose only sexual pleasures, if any, came from either hurting others or himself; into a obssessive pedophile!  The original Freddy’s motivations were a combination of equal parts total insanity and diabolic evil, the remake Freddy is only cocerned with chasing down all the kiddies he used to ‘play’ with because they ‘tattled’ and ended his ‘fun’.  Ewwww…

    Also, Halloween Resurrection was painful to sit through; thanks for subjecting yourself to it, Phelous.

  • HuneyMunster
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    I just love your deadpan humor, get it as in that you die alot or imply
    that you will die.  I guess that was more Teddy than Freddy!

  • shadowdancer21b
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    What I hated most about this movie is the constant jumpscares and fake scares, as well as the nods to the original which just served to say “See we know EXACTLY what we’re pissing on!”.

    All in all, it was still an entertaining remake. Most remakes are much worse.

  • Dejablue
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    So where they trying to make it seem that Freddy was Falsely accused?

  • Shawn DC
    Shawn DC
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    I always thought it was rather rude of how Nancy, in possesion of the class picture, was marking the dead with big “X”s over their faces. The names are on the other side of the daggone paper. “X” that if you’re keeping track.

  • Roivas
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    Congratulations on your 100th video Phelous!


    Were… were we past that now? I’m not very good at counting.

  • EpicFish
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    I love the title card for this! Freddy ghost derp face!

    Great review Phelous! I love Obscurus Freddy! I just wish she was wearing the sweater.

  • keeganbdouglass
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    He shouldn’t have been named Freddy he should have been named Teddy, that was so funny!

  • Jellah-Feesh
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    *singing horribly off-key* Ohh, I’m an idiot, but that’s all right/ I watch Phelous videos late at night/ Takes me ten minutes just to walk up the stairs/ All the while anticipating cheap jump scares! *stops singing*

  • reames
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    yeh this remake might be a little bland but it’s not that bad, I meen it’s not brilliant but it’s not terrible, in my opinion it comes out about avarage (spelt that wrong).

  • irishrepublic13
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    I actually Jackie Earle Haley. I think that his sudden reappearance in Hollyweird after a 10 year break is good. But this, this is ridiculous. I only wish the writers watched some of the original Nightmare on Elm Street movies, and not the much later ones that were so campy it was borderline stupid.

  • IncendiaryLemon
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    Am I the only one who saw Phelous in the mirror at some point in the video?

    Also which is the review were Phelous’s eye’s go white (It is in the ending credits) I can’t remember.

  • QuetzaDrake
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    The original actually traumatized my childhood self so bad I had a recurring nightmare about Freddy killing me for 2 years straight.

    This remake is a joke.

  • HandsOfFate
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    The original is definitely better than this one.

    The only thing I can really say I liked about this is the dream classroom. It looked cool. But yeah, everything else was pretty blah and not scary at all.

  • aspire77
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    Hollywood is unnecessary. surely they should have learned by NOW that remakes, prequels sequels spinoffs reimaginings or w.e the f they want to class them as are made to bomb. the Thing was the worst this year.
    ..and YOU shut up, mirror phelous!

  • SelfPityG2
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    I seem to remember the rumors before this remake came out saying that they had intended to make this Freddy more brutal and realistic. They couldn’t even match the menace of the original movie’s Freddy. Hell, he was more threatening in Freddy vs. Jason.

  • TheGuyWithNoName
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    Lol still watched it ­čśŤ

  • Deadpool
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    So why are you at 4:26 in your mirror behind yourself, Phelous :)?
    Skin around Freddy’s nose.. makes him kind of look like a cat.. Looks so wrong :/
    And yes.. why do they have to remake these kind of movies. They just turn out to be crap
    and they don’t do the awesome stuff the original did.

  • New To The Terror
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    Why remake a pretty trashy movie at all?


  • evilengine
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    I liked how Phelous appears in his mirror at around 4:28, some how that was far more creepy then this movie turned out to be.

  • Toulon92
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    have you thought of reviewing hellraiser revelations?


  • ninjadnice
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    jeez that creeped me out.

  • turbowolf7
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    is more apt than JEH being freddy. btw that teddy teddy thing, it reminds me of something but i can’t place it, i must be repressing a childhood memory

  • Jamesykin
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    Jackie Earle Haley is so deep into Bale’s Batman voice that he might as well have ripped off direct lines.

    Why so serious? No, really, why so overly serious?

  • Spike
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    Wow, man–I’m almost certain that this was the first review of yours I actually saw through.
    I was still relatively new to the then-still-going TGWTG.com site, and had barely scratched the surface when it came to internet reviewers. It took me a while to get into your style of reviewing, but once I was used to your meta-humour and bizarre pace changes, I think you’ve become my favourite. I admire your ability to grow and evolve your style and production. Your delivery, editing and pacing have only gotten better with time, and I can say I really enjoy how different and off-beat your videos can be now, especially after the time when you more-or-less dropped the horror movies out of your reviews and just decided to look at whatever you feel like instead.

    This was, and remains, a pretty entertaining and insightful look at the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, and what makes a lot of modern horror movies, and remakes in general, truly crap and boring. It’s sad that a remake with potential to do its own take on a franchise, and a fantastic actor, can crash, burn and fail so badly. Honestly, I wish the Freddy franchise had died right after New Nightmare. Granted, I don’t think that movie’s quite as great as a lot of people make it out to be, but it had an intriguing plot, some good scares, and capped off the movie series in a fairly unique and nicely thought out way. Freddy vs Jason and this really just took a dump on all that.