• EmynStranger
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    Great video, very thoughtful and reasonable. As you know, I started watching Doctor Who with series 5 (so I could be caught up with everyone else and then go back and watch the rest). So I personally didn’t experience a jarring transition – how could I when my first episode was The Eleventh Hour? However, after going back and watching the rest of the new series, I definitely see what people are talking about. Everything does look and feel different. I do like how a lot of things are now, although I really don’t like the brightly-colored Daleks AT ALL. Not sure why they decided to do that – now they make me think of Skittles! I also like how you pointed out the regeneration thing (about how obviously the Doctor will change actors eventually) – it’s a basic part of the show, so people should expect it to happen.

    I have definitely seen people get up in arms on either side of the Tennant/Smith debate. I remember once on twitter I said something about liking Tennant just as much as Smith and one of my acquaintances snapped that she “thought I had better taste than that.” I get why people get passionate about this stuff but it’s a little much sometimes. I don’t care what people think about a show as long as their opinions actually make sense, and aren’t just knee-jerk reactions.

    So, basically, I agree. 🙂

  • Razorgeist
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    Hmm good video phelous you really should try to do more like this. Perhaps one about the transition from Resident Evil remake and Zero to Resident Evil 4.

  • QuetzaDrake
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    That line made me pretty damn angry back then because it really feels like Davies wanted to manipulate the emotions of Tennant fans one last time before sending him off. I was a big Tennant fan and, while in retrospect the finale was rather excessive, I was enjoying seeing the Doctor send himself and the Davies stuff off to make way for Moffat’s stuff. It was sad but also seemed like closure, and when he crawled back into the TARDIS, it looked like he had come to accept the regeneration or at least was ready to face it. But then Tennant looks near the camera’s direction and goes “I don’t want to go”, and it just felt like a very cheap writing ploy to make any hardcore Tennant fans start weeping, like jabbing a final knife into anyone who was going to miss him. It’s as if they were trying to say, “Hey, the Doctor you love doesn’t want to go! But he has to! Isn’t that sad? Have we made you tear up yet??”

    I like Eleven well enough and I’m still kinda glad the series kinda “rebooted” to clear up all the Davies stuff that was piled in there (though you’re right, there should be more continuity with that), but that line still bugs the crap out of me. I’m glad to know Tennant suggested subduing the line, at least. Oh well.

  • SsnakeBite
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    Heh, this whole thing didn’t piss me off as much as some but honestly, I still think it was a pretty lame way to handle it. Yes, it’s always been a big deal for the Doctor, but he’s never been THAT overdramatic over it (“WELL IT’S NOT FAIR!!” dude chill out, us humans don’t even regenerate so be glad you get a second chance, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and a…) even the second doctor, who was FORCED to regenerate as a punishment. On top of that, after he’s done regenrating, he’s all giddy and happy again, so you can’t help but think “really? All this noise just for that?”.


    But what really ticks me off about this is that there were many points when Ten thought he would need to regenerate and it was NEVER a problem to him then, so why does he suddenly make a big deal of this? The problem isn’t so much that he’s sad over it, it’s that it just feels forced and and attempt to make the viewers feel the moment is darker than it really is.

  • MER
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    Yea, D10 seemed kind of OC to do that.

    A transition would have been nice, but I didn’t need it because I was more concerned about the Doctor being alive WITH a Tardis than anything else…though Matt looks like someone I like to work with made it a bit easier to watch the show.

  • Azukeri
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    So I live in America and don’t have BBCA or whatever in fact I didn’t learn of the Doctor until the new series and never realized it was older than that. I found the tv show completely by chance before I even had cable. I found it on public tv and waited patiently every Saturday to watch the episodes. They weren’t even new, they were a year late and I was content watching from halfway through, then catching up with reruns.
    After a while I said goodbye to the 9th Doctor, sad but ready to meet the new guy, it was easier with Rose there, then the 10th Doctor left. Alone with his darkness and his lonely empty Tardis and I never wanted to watch the show again. Matt Smith seemed to foreign, but finally using the internet I started to catch up and fell in love with the 11th Doctor in the very first episode.

    Point is I totally agree with you, this transition was made into a big deal for no reason the Doctor is the Doctor. Nothing more too it. People have blown everything out of proportion, no Doctor is immortal and although I wish the 10th Doctor were still around, it was his time. Beyond even if you consider how long the 9th Doctor was around and Matt Smith, the doctor not ginger, is fabulous. Lovely Video, Allons-y.

  • joethulhu
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    I have the same issue with Smith as you – the series was too unlike anything previously. I like Smith as the Doctor, and I like Tennant, but Moffat’s writing is so different. I like it, just not as well as Davies. The Eccleston and Tennant seasons are still much more enjoyable than the new episodes, simply because they’re more to my taste. But the latest two seasons are still engaging, and, lately at least, still Doctor Who.

  • slharmonyharper
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    The last Tennant episode actually had me crying. I didn’t want him to go either.

  • Farsh-nuke
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    When I first watched Doctor Who during the Tennant years, it was just a casual thing although I was annoyed how quickly people got over 9. During the year of specials though I discovered the Virgin New Adventures through the ebooks available on the BBC Cult website and became a proper fan of the series with seven as my favourirte Doctor so when Matt Smith turned up and everything changed I was like “This is brilliant, he’s like the seventh Doctor only young enough to flirt without seeming creepy”