• Sephy The Master Of Shy Guys
    Sephy The Master Of Shy Guys
    Old Man
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    He’s right Feez’s are cool. And it will be avenged >:3

  • RedSarah
    Fighting Steffi Love
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    Wow, Crockett, Madonna, and Michael Jackson “disguises”…all they needed was a red stripe on the van and they could’ve made an A-Team reference.

    I guess it makes sense that Dean Cain would prefer the remake of Dawn of the Dead since the zombies made out so much better in that one.

    Yay, Scorpion! Strangely enough, today at work I got accused of being someone who plays “violent video games like that Mortal Kombat.” πŸ˜€

    I’m glad to see you seem to be past your reviewer crisis, especially since we’ll all be killed if you stop. πŸ˜‰

  • Tai0Purto
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    ……………… I don’t get the Tai joke, maybe because my name is Tai!

    anyway.. I freaking hate this movie!!! I rather if I stell didn’t know about it’s existence !!

  • KaitoKId
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    Maybe Harbor Patrol was part of an identical triplet, who all found their end in a tragic, zombie related movie. Eh.. I mean tragic zombie related way.

    Also, what is up with the picture becomming very small for some scenes? It doesnt really bother me, but it’s wierd.

  • conyo985
    Old Man
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    Seriously everytime the Lois and Clark music theme plays I crack up! I loved that show in my childhood that theme song is burned in my head permanently. And about the Silent Hill music you think they credited that? I bet they used that without permission.

  • QuetzaDrake
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Actually was liking this movie as a so-stupid-it’s-entertaining sort of thing until that idiotic fat neighborwoman wouldn’t shut up, then I just kinda lost interest in the whole thing. Still think this is better than the other stupid shit that became the real sequel to HotD.

    Thanks for the Ten and Eleven references (especially the fez, which honestly I think you should’ve worn briefly last review when you were experimenting with outfits); in danger of sounding like a Doctor Who newb, they’re the references I can actually get.

    And Andrew Dickman’s your new main titlecard artist? Awesome, I’ve known about his work for a long time so I look forward to what he makes for your stuff in the future.

  • Ed Glaser
    Ed Glaser
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    That was spectacular, Phelan; you’re on top of your game here.

    Dean Cain makes any movie better. The use of the “Lois and Clark” music had me laughing every time, and it even made those sequences exciting.

    And of course hilarious MK stuff as always.

  • CyberXIII
    Old Man
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    Anyone else think that the guy that blew himself up in the intro looks like Spoony?

    • Jorda75
      A Real Turtles Fighter
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      Anyone else think that the guy that blew himself up in the intro looks like Spoony?


      Ha ha ha, I thought that too.

      This movie had nothing going for it, even the special effects were sub-par. Thanks again for another great review Phelous πŸ˜€

    • Jellah-Feesh
      Just might make the CUT
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      OMG, that’s exactly what I thought! I saw him pull out the grenade and was like “NOOOOO! SPOONY!”

  • PickPikmin
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I smell horrible movie.
    I just realized something. Scorpions and Lui Kang are in the same movie. Strange.

    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Hey phelous seeing as how you play the fifth doctor theme, I gotta ask who is your favorite Doctor? (The answer, I can tell, should be pretty obvious)

  • ggbhtg
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    I was too busy laughing to find anything “wrong” in the this review, so I just want to know if you did the effects for your version of the Fifth Doctor’s OP theme and are you avoiding dying now so you don’t regenerate and have to use the Sixth Doctor’s theme?

  • StormyPopsicle
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    whoa silent hill4 cord… totaly didn’t notice that till you pointed it out

    step 1: find scoripons
    step 2 zombie
    step 3: ???
    step 4: PROFIT.

    Just like in anacondas πŸ˜€

  • psychosilpelit
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    wTF is this mess of a movie? this makes book of shadows make sense (no offence to anyone who liked book of shadows)

  • shadowdancer21b
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    Am I the only one who found the constant nerd pandering to be offensive rather than amusing?

    • RedSarah
      Fighting Steffi Love
      Comments: 171

      Maybe because it’s in a crappy movie? And also probably because most of the references don’t make sense in a crappy zombie movie. The Dawn of the Dead debate, ridiculous as it is, makes more sense in context than random old school Star Wars references and the great Bond debate. Personally, I thought the Superman references were the most painful to see Dean Cain suffer through.

  • A Matteo Sandwich
    A Matteo Sandwich
    Old Man
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    What a terrible movie, but this review is awesome, thanks Phelous for making such funny reviews every week πŸ˜€

  • joshmartyn
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    was that guy 2 mins in the movie Spooney cause it looked like Spooney

  • Alex C.
    Alex C.
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    I saw Dead and Deader probably around the time it came out. As I remember it, it was a little goofy, but Dean Cain was perfectly cast, and while a lot of the humor fell flat, some of it was worthy of a chuckle or two, including some jokes that Phelous rips on. It never got either too campy or too gory, something that 95% of low-budget zombie movies think is a genre requirement. If you treat it like a serious zombie-horror film like Phelous did, then yes, this movie was awful. Β But it really is more of an action-comedy, and when you look at it as such, it’s not bad.

    Its only real low point for me was the fan that caused instant cranial explosion. Β That was just stupid.