Case 39

Phelous is put on the case of why this movie was delayed for 4 years.


  • WPB
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    That Red Green clip was friggin awesome. More people need to know about that.


    Also, it looks like we have a sequel hook for next week! Or, you know, not.

  • redmangc
    Old Man
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    Phelous you need to do a movie i just watched, Orpahn it made me want to cry, i actually went out the same day i rented it and got alone in the dark and it made me feel good please but because of doing that i had to get another movie Human Centipede… im still dieing because of all three of those movies pelase do one of them also BLAUGH I hated this movie but atleast it was stupid enough to laugh at

  • Jaggernaut
    Old Man
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    This review had everything! Red green, warcraft II and even hogans alley! What more could you possibly want!

    Except maybe a good movie.

  • knightcm
    Old Man
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    This movie looks like it could have been good in the hands of someone else… and without Renee Zellweger and the Silent Hill girl, but I guess the same could be said about a lot of bad movies though.

  • ggbhtg
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    You turned to your left at the end. Was that an accident or…a jump scare?
    Well, this movie reminds me of Orphan and somehow Thirteen Ghosts. Hey, that’s another movie that seems to be way worse than I remember! Then again, I like crappy movies anyway. Sounds like the Silent Hill girl took some “Why?” pointers from that girl from Animaniacs with the dog that always gets hurt. Does anyone EVER check the back seat? LOL at one of my favorite Simpsons references, but you forgot “I got a shotgun” where Mike died but it doesn’t matter. Speaking of Pulse again, I think the color red does have a significant use with computers but I’m not exactly sure what.

    • RedSarah
      Fighting Steffi Love
      Comments: 171

      Check the window…creepy!

      I haven’t seen the trailers, but the commercials are certainly misleading – it makes it look more like the girl’s being attacked by demons/ghosts/whatever, and in turn her caregivers get attacked. That would’ve been much more interesting!

      Little girl named Lilith that turns out to be evil…subtle, movie.

      Oh god, bees! Er…hornets!

  • bbull89
    Old Man
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    Yeah when he said thats the only thing wrong for some reason I looked right at the window. Kinda scared me. Stupid Jump scares.

  • Shawn DC
    Shawn DC
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    Great review. So many good parts, especially the one where Renee stays up all night drinking in order to decide she’d make a great parent for the little girl.

    So many fun references with Silent Hill, Red Green, Silent Hill, Simpsons, and Silent Hill.

    It seems like someone saw Matlida and said “I wonder what’d be like if she used her powers to kill people instead of do stupid family oriented humor…”

  • Markseth
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    I’ve got a great recipe for Baked Alessa, if anyone would like to try it.  Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting to preheat the oven like they did in the movie!


    By the way, I hear they’re making a sequel: 

    Case 40: The Mysterious Case of the Missing Logic in Case 39.

  • dawgstar
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    The video’s glitchy for me. It’ll go about five or so minutes and then cut back to like the video’s over.

  • PickPikmin
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Wow. A demonic killer who seems innocent at first. Never seen that before!

  • Jorda75
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Ian McShane is the only thing even half decent about this movie, and he dies in such a stupid way, then again at least he didn’t have his back broken by..umm, hornets.

    Another great review of a terrible “horror” flick Phelous, though this thing is full of so many incredibly lame jump scares (someone knocking on the wall? Really?) and the little girl is far less creepy than he just an annoying little…so and so, that I think it’s better as a comedy than anything else.

  • Speedwagon33
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    How can they have advertisements that make it seem THAT different? Seriously.

    • Shawn DC
      Shawn DC
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      I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re switching things around to make it seem like a different movie to get unknowing people in the theatres, then run commercials revealing the real plot later.

      Kind of reminds me of the movie “Primeval” that was about a killer croc but the trailers made it sound like a serial killer film.

  • SolidSeverus
    Old Man
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    Bees, my God

  • ggbhtg
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    Oh come on….yesterday I saw a commercial for the U.S release of this movie….and they’re STILL using the promos where the girl isn’t the villian!

  • DoctorOfBeingADogOOHFACED
    Old Man
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    Awesome review phelous, yea Case 39 seems really shitty, and that kid is one of the most annoying little shits ever

  • aspire77
    Just might make the CUT
    Comments: 40

    why movie, why movie, why movie, why movie, and WHY are all the creepy/strange characters always called Ed or Eddie?
    I remember seeing one trailer for this film in the uk and was never heard of again. It’s a shame there’s some good actors and performances in it but yeah, the story is poo. Think they done it abit better in Orphan.

  • Rakmi
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    I’m pretty sure having custody of a child doesn’t mean you have to give them everything they ask for :I

  • Eightbitshik
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    Wow I didn’t notice the end the first time saw it and it scared the crap out of me!

  • videoman
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    The ending in this video just hillarious. I love your reviews Phelous. They are always funny)

    Ghost girl from “Silent Hill” and maniac from “X-files. I want to belive”. It was really strange family.

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 82

    that little girl? what’s her name? Sharon? Is it…Sharon?

    why is she associated with horror movies? she’s not scary, only amusing.

    interestingly enough, I was able to use that “why emily” elevator clip on my friend. Thanks, Phel. For all the insiders I can confuse my friends with.

  • FM
    Just might make the CUT
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    What a stupid movie.

    The premise for the movie is not bad… but the execution was just horrible…

  • Ryuukokoro
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    So I just realized there’s an episode of the tv show Supernatural, season 3, that is almost hit-for-hit the exact same plot as this movie. Creepy little kids killing their parents with supernatural powers, little demon girl saying “I love you mommy” and delivering the line the exact same way as this young actress (all sweet but flat and creepy at the same time), little demonic girl demands ice cream and demands the parent to play with her, parent locks herself in a room and demon bangs on the locked door demanding “Let me in! Let me in!”, little girl is revealed to be a monster in the rearview mirror, mom tries to kill daughter by driving her car into a river. It’s the same for both of these, with no explanation. WAY too many coincidences to be… a coincidence!

    I did some googling, like Phealous says this movie was filmed in 2006 but didn’t see theaters until 2009/2010. The Supernatural episode aired late 2007. There has to be some sort of connection here. Did the moviemakers see the Supernatural ep and they were so inspired that they re-edited Case 39 to make it more like the ep before they released it to theaters? Or did the writers of Supernatural know about the filming of the movie and took their ideas from that? The world may never know….

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Isn’t that song at the very end from Ben Drowned?