• Onta
    Old Man
    Comments: 4

    Oh God, why?!
    This movie makes my brain hurt. It should be a PSA for “how not to suck at writing a script”…great review by the way Phelous but for the love of God please tell me there’s no more Pulse movies?

  • Agent47
    Comments: 10

    Wow…..that made NO sense at all. Now I got a headache, cause I actually tried to understand this…..Guess that’s not what the makers of Pulse 3 had in mind..
    Hillarious as always Phelous. The Silent Hill 2 reference, the suicide and I gotta shotgun part and Joe’s cameo were all awesome.
    Well….atleast you are done with Pulse…right? RIGHT!?

  • Meister_Randall
    Comments: 6

    Amazing review, laughed my ass off from beginning to end. Always love when its questionable if they had humans write the movie or monkeys.

  • Nephilim
    Old Man
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    You know what occurred to me? It would be awesome for you to review Guinea Pig 3: He Never Dies now hehe

  • PickPikmin
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 26

    Ya baby! INSERT! INSERT! My shit had it’s face downloaded. Don’t want to tell you what I had to go threw last week.

  • WikiSorcerer
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 33

    The Answer:
    The script was written by a diapered monkey. THATS WHY!
    Thank you…

  • jakedizzle
    Comments: 10

    Thumbs up red car, lol.

  • Braxlin
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    You know… the who;e red suit thing reminds me of the ninja power rangers crap… I thought it was pretty freakin’ hilarious

  • Demonjack123@aol.com
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 24

    LOL, I JUST HAD TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT TO SAY THIS, Adam in the movie is the same actor who played Shawn hunter in boy meets world XD

  • tlaloc4kids
    Comments: 17

    The internet ghost of a record player!


    …how do you face-download that which does not have a face?  And was it actually playing that song in the movie?

  • keipa
    Old Man
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    Hm.. I just commented wrong post, god i’m stupid.

  • ArmymanZ
    Old Man
    Comments: 3

    10:36 WTF? A cgi stunt double! 

  • cameronpicsinc
    Old Man
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    This is the funniest review I’ve watched so far! The “Insert” part had me in stitches! I’m sold. Great review as usual!

  • PANDorica
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 26

    i dare say the girl is even more of a stupid shit than her mother

  • snorgatch
    Comments: 146

    There’s really nothing more infuriating than a complete imbecile who thinks they’re smart and everything they do is right, and no amount of reason or logic can persuade them otherwise. Unless it’s a screenwriter who writes such a character and makes them their hero whom the audience is supposed to root for.