• abdulmuhsee
    Old Man
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    Back in high school, there was a $1.00 theatre that me and a friend would often go to. Out of all the movies we saw together, I think I remember Cabin Fever the most, and we still make inside jokes about it.

    Yes, it was stupid, but just as funny as any comedy; I don’t think I’d ever laughed as hard as I did when the guy playing the harmonica was hit in the mouth and started choking on it.

    I also remember making a bet at the beginning as to whether or not the black-haired girl would end up topless, and of course, she did :-/.

    Anyways, a lot of good memories with this one.

  • bloodmaster
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    this is roth’s best which is not saying much but still not too bad. my main problem with it is the shaving scene how the hell does that girl not notice that and if she does why does she continue. also as for the pancake thing i see it as the kid had mental problems and what he or she does is going to be wierd or the kid was high as hell and saw the guy as a stack of pancakes surronded by ninjas so the kid fought his or her way to the pancakes. but roth forgot the clue the acters and the audience on it.

  • HookupsJZA
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    one of my favorite reviews of your Phelous.  Classic!

  • sassafrasshash
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    I actually really like the gore in this movie, especially the part where the girl is shaving her legs.