• Richard Wesker
    Comments: 5

    This was always one of my favorite reviews. ZOMBIE FISHERMAN!!!!!?!?!?!?!? LOL!

    • Phelous
      Comments: 625

      Yeah Zombie fisherman it’s such a what the hell moment. It was something we constantly went on about after seeing it. The others were a revenge story, taken to ridiculous extremes yeah but still revenge. Then oh yeah he’s a zombie now that kills people with secrets.

  • rake
    Old Man
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    is that Chrono Trigger in your SNES?

  • The Austaku
    The Austaku
    Old Man
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    Weird, I’m sure I saw this review before but it felt like I never watched it. Must’ve confused it with another review you did somehow. lol.

    Also, part of me thinks the “Zombie Fisherman” thing should’ve become your “Bat credit card”. lol. In any case, great review, never actually watched any of these movies but I still got a good laugh out of it.

  • Dejablue
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    Zombie fishermen are immune to bullets but probably not sticks.

  • IHadAShotgun
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 26

    I love that while the zombie fishmerna is hilariously absurd, the entire story would be completely consistent if it were set in the Supernatural universe.

    Far too often I wish that bad horror movies ended with Sam and Dean kicking in a door to bring on the credits with a shotgun full of rock salt.

  • megadolaon
    Bat Hero
    Comments: 82

    I feel that that WTH moment with the Zombie Fisherman was a nice allusion to the future Phelous. More rage and freak out moments 😀

    To be fair toward the movie, at least they made the killer more sympathetic than most movies. Killed multiple times by jerk teenagers. It makes sense that he’s gotta get revenge.

  • zeakep
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    you seem sooooooooooooo boorreedd. you seem more excited about birdemic

  • BlueCurse60
    A Real Turtles Fighter
    Comments: 34

    Zombie Fisherman is one of your best shouting lines. Not the best, but it is still pretty funny.

  • KoiControl
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    These movies are just the “hook hand man” urban legend. I feel so ashamed that it took me this long.

  • BB Shockwave
    BB Shockwave
    Just might make the CUT
    Comments: 52

    Why do ALL horror movies have to end on an ending stinger? Don’t directors realize that at this point, it’s a terrible cliche that no-one is gonna fall for?

    Can’t believe how this movie was so big in its day – the first, that is – when it’s really, really stupid.


  • Kadel86
    Old Man
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    Soooo it turns out you were correct and indeed able to predict the future as there is a 2016 reboot coming out. As it seems to be trendy with reboots recently they are just going to call it by the first movies title and go with “I know what you did last summer”.

  • wrybread
    Old Man
    Comments: 2

    Quick question: If I accidentally kill someone in January in the Southern Hemisphere, say in Australia, does it count as having been in the summer and therefore incur the wrath of Zombie Fisherman?  Or is he geographically limited to this town in New England or wherever it is?

  • degon2192
    Old Man
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    I know how this movie could have been made…not as bad. Make it clear that the Fisherman has, somehow, become an avenging spirit of deaths kept secret, even if there is no explanation how he became a Zombie Fisherman.