• Laserface
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    So basically, it’s Cabin Fever But Instead Of Homophobia The Characters Are Far Less Humane In Putting Characters That Are In Pain Out Of Their Misery. A different brand of misery. …So it’s miserable either way. Yeah, point…

    Ah, Chemical Reality… ever plan on re-uploading those old episodes? Didn’t you also do some kind of Harry Potter parody way back when?

  • snorgatch
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    That bunny is terrifying.

    Also, Douche Meets World had an assault rifle. Those have been known to kill people. Was there some compelling reason he couldn’t have used the assault rifle to put Blondie out of her misery, rather than using a shovel and then burning her alive? It can’t be because he was out of ammunition, since he subsequently used it to kill the Pancake Store Gang. Is there any rationale given for why he didn’t just put a bullet in her brain?

    • Quan Chi
      Quan Chi
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      Was it meant as some kind of twisted joke, maybe? Show this dumbass¬†fail at putting her down, and instead making things worse each time? His baffling decisions in that scene at least make sense in a meta way if he’s so supposed to look like a bumbling idiot.

  • nickthebastard
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    This was even dumber than the original. I can’t tell if Eli Roth is that stupid or if he is trying to capitalize on the ”so bad it’s good” category.¬† If the former, he should just go back to smoking weed and playing CoD. If the latter…Well, carry on I guess.

  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
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    If you’re gonna have doofy characters, at least go all out with them. Party Cop was easily the best part of Cabin Fever (not saying much) because it was so surreal seeing this weirdo drone on and on about stupid partying in a movie about people dying from a flesh eating disease. That kind of “What the fuck is this?” stays in your head, but the attempt here just came across as bland. Same goes for pancake kid and the shitty dude bros. Just lame versions of characters who were already questionable to begin with.



  • CyborgPrince
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    Good lord, this one looked like a slog to sit through. Even by the clips alone, I’d know that I’d have a hard time sitting through this movie. No connection to the characters at all.


    I have a friend who likes horror movies like these, as does her sister and mother, and I really don’t know why. Though I do have a good story from this. They had asked their uncle to download the movie Cursed and burn them a copy. When they got the burned CD and started watching, they noticed the characters were having a lot of sex. Due to movies like the original version of this one and others like it, they figured well, horror movies tend to have a lot of sex in them. After a while, they finally came to realize that their uncle had accidentally burned them off a porno movie instead. I think my friend said it was around the time the guy started banging one girl in the ass while the other pleasured herself when they realized that it wasn’t the movie they were expecting to watch.


    I’m sure that little anecdote was more entertaining than anything that happened in this movie. Except the scene where that guy is trying to put his friend out of her misery by jabbing a shovel into her face and setting her on fire. That’s just comical.

  • rodro
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    Most of these horror remakes are sooooo predictable (unlike this reference, heheheheh… heh).

    Anyway, Eli Roth and his Fevers are not very interesting to me so I started paying attention to Phelous’ set and, where are all these NES cartridges of Super Mario/Duck Hunt or just Super Mario coming from?

    • Anno Nimus
      Anno Nimus
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      He’s had those for a while now. Not sure where he got them; maybe they were being sold as a lot for cheap on E-bay.