• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    This is an odd one, because they don’t really seem to be a re-purpose, but it’s pretty clearly Street Fighter 2, and yet only Guile and Blanka exist as far we know. At first glance they do look goofy, but I can see where the bootleggers were going with it.

    Of course the Ninja Turtle weapons are probably the most useless part.


  • Silverstar
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    I have to wonder why the makes of these toys even gave them weapons when 1) the figures’ hands are molded into fists so they can’t hold them and 2) anybody who’s played any Street Fighter game knows that most of the Street Fighter characters (save for rare cases like Vega in the West/Balrog in Japan) use weapons…but then, these aren’t the Street Fighters, these are the Super Fighters, so maybe they can operate Ninja Turtles’ weapons telekinetically?

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    These can also pass off as really bad bootleg Legend of Zelda, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, & Fist of the North Star figures; Guile = Polnaref. Blanka = Ganondorf. Ryu = Kenshiro. = Shin.

    I swear I can hear a woman’s voice in the background in the middle of this video.

    Guile’s arms are so long, he could grab his ankle without bending a knee.