The Turtle Van from Argentina

The rip off of the TMNT Party Wagon in Argentina bootlegs a mold from the company Eurostil who made many vehicle toys. Even though it’s smaller than the real deal the box would have you double checking it’s legitimacy!

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  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Spring action foot tenderizer makes me think it’s some Sharper Image novelty foot massage device.


    Actually the artwork is pretty nice, and the toy wasn’t terrible looking (despite low quality construction), the worst part IMO is the big turtle face on the side. If I got that as a kid I’d try to scrape that decal off…because who plasters their face on the side of their vehicle like that?

    I swear those original molds the pickup and van are using were pretty common in the 80s. I’d look at licensed TV toys maybe an A-Team van? Could be the Galaxy Warriors hole of the vehicle knock off world.