• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Haha loved this. We probably had this catalog at my house.

    You know, when I looked back at movies and fashions from the 60s and 70s when I was a kid I wondered how could people wear that ridiculous shit…now I look at this, and while it looks perfectly normal and nostalgic to me, I can absolutely understand why later millenials and zoomers would see these classic late 80s looks as strange and ugly and lame.

    Also, quick history lesson: The late 80s were culturally the lamest part of the 80-90’s GEN-X era…by 1987 we had passed the punk rock and neon excess era of the early 80s, and had not yet reached the anti-fashion early 90s grunge and gangsta rap era.

    This was the era of sophista-pop and hair metal. in 1987 MTV was Rick Rollin’ us daily un-ironically between horrible rock ballads from Posion and Motley Crue.

    • likalaruku
      Completely Useless Now
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      I feel the exact opposite of you.

      I look back on the fashions of any period before the mid 90s & admire them…. Except the interior decoration of the 70s.

      The late 80s was the best part of the 80s & the early 90s was the best part of the 90s, in fashion, music, interior decoration, TV, & movies.

      • likalaruku
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        But as far as this particular catalogue goes, I’d say SEARS was definitely aiming at the Mom / Spinster / Business Woman / Wholesome Girl Next Door / Class President crowd.  I can’t see anyone partying, mall hopping, or going on dates in these.

  • Silverstar
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    Back in the 80’s, there used to be a department store chain called Bradlee’s.  I remember one ad that featured young girls dressed like Boy George of the 80’s band Culture Club unironically; I recall thinking that ish was stupid looking even back then.

    Pity there wasn’t a toy section in that catalogue; 80’s toy franchises are ripe for riffing. We used to have an old catalogue for another defunct store chain called W. Bell & Co., and my brother and I would crack each other up goofing on the cheesy descriptions of the toys and games in the kids’ section, which were clearly written up by 40-to-50-something year-old adults who obviously didn’t know jack about what they were advertising. They were a prototype version of the “How do you do, fellow kids?” meme.

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    Ah, this reminded me of all the gaudy crap that I love about the 80’s and also that things were stupidly overpriced in the 80’s.

  • likalaruku
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    I collect scans of old fashion magazines & catalogs, so this is right up my alley.

    ::Adjusts price of catalog for inflation:: $11.44’s not too bad for an adult, but a kid who bought comics for 75¢ back then, that was more than their whole allowance.

    Going off Married with Children, I’d say that Marcy shopped at SEARS while Peggy & Kelly went somewhere more trendy, like Chanel.

    Getting some real wholesome Mickey Mouse Club vibes off the kidswear.

    6:04 Looks like a sports bra, no matter how you look at it. Bet it sold reeeeal well.

    “Popped collar Mario.” 😂

    Jesus… $500 for a microwave. No wonder out old one lasted 15 years & worked better then me.

    Ahh, the non-fashion part of the catalogue is hitting me with nostalgia overload.

    11:57 Lol, still have most of the furniture on this page.

    I guess I put the dowdy looks out of my minds. I mostly remember brightly colored tights, mini skirts, mini shorts, ultra low cut V-necks, ultra high waisted “underboob” shirts, off-the-shoulder shirts, tight sweater dresses, bangles, metalic mini dresses with peplums, bangles, scrunchies, headbands, barrettes, stilettos, oversized sunglasses, fishnets, bolero jackets, shoulder-pad asymmetric dual color work dresses with above-the-knee skirts, jelly shoes, penny loafers, black patent leather shoes, leather mini jackets, chandelier & hoop earrings, chunky wood & plastic bead necklaces, half & full waist spandex belts….