• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    We’re so far down the Galaxy Hole now, I can’t even feel my Baltards anymore!

  • Isolder74
    Just might make the CUT
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    Well of course Baltard is back but oddly he’s also MIA.

  • Shard
    Old Man
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    I was rewatching this, and got curious about if I could dig anything up on SIL. It took a while, but I did manage to locate that it seems to actually be a registered trademark in Thailand, https://www3.wipo.int/branddb/en/showData.jsp?ID=THTM.276015. The trademark registration was apparently filed back in 1994-11-18, and granted 1997-04-30.

    Sadly the name and address of the applicant for that trademark is a somewhat low quality PNG of Thai script, and I can’t read a word of Thai. Using some OCR websites, I believe that the name is: บริษัท มายกี้ จำกัด which seems to be known in English as Mykie Company Limited. They seemingly have a website at http://mykiethai.com/index.html, but that website requires flash player. As far as I can tell, they seemingly make toothbrushes, and that’s about as far as I felt like digging myself into this hole right now… Also, I feel like I really recognise that red elephant logo they use…