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    Kind of weird that the retro figures had round glasses Janine in the art, but made a figure for original Janine.

    These kind of remind me of mid-period Play Arts figures when they made them for stuff like Metal Gear and Mass Effect.  Even the packaging, including how finicky it is to get them out, reminds me of Play Arts, Figuarts and Figma figure. I’d kinda like to get a set of these myself.

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    When you first showed a pic of these on Twitter, I was wondering if they were as flexible as the Medicos Jojo figures, which come with stands & extra faces & hands. & it turns out they are.

    :There is the Ghostbusters II comics starring the Real Ghostbusters.” I kinda want to read that, but it was probably a one-shot condensed into 32 pages, right?

    Series 9? Do they have series variants, like the figures for American McGee’s Alice?

    My only nag is that Egon’s glasses are too thick.

    Try straightening the hose with multiple paper clips. Leave em on for at least a week.

    Woo… Diamond Select has some pretty sweet Star Trek figures.

    I’m dying 🤣 The voices in the end skit, especially Slimer & Samhain.