• likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I accidently bought a laserdisc on eBay when I was young because I had no idea the format existed. I thought was buying a DVD for John Woo’s “Last Hurrah For Chivalry.” On the same day, I thought I was buying the CD soundtrack to Jim Henson’s Labyrinth & got a record album instead. Serves me right for not reading the full descriptions. I looked at them when they arrived & was like “How the hell do I fit this in the DVD/CD player????”

    I see you finally found that VHD you were asking about. Where’d you manage to buy it? It looks like an 8 inch floppy disc disguised as a 3’5″ Macintosh hard diskette. I bought a Japanese DVD in 2004, it was a whopping $60 & only had 2 episodes on it. I guess some things never change.

    Sony didn’t stop making Betamax until 2015, so they must have found some other use for the format like others did with Video 8…Not sure what though.

    Poor Winston… If they’re not excluding him from the video games, they’re leaving him out of the movie covers.

    Great video. Doubled nicely as a History of Dead Media Formats documentary.

    • Phelous
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      It was the VCD I had trouble finding and was asking about though the VHD does seem to be kind of hard to find so I got lucky with it.
      Got it off of Jauce, which ships stuff internationally off the Japanese Yahoo auction site.
      Beta was still used for a lot of camcorders long after it died as a home video format. I actually shot a video on a Beta cam at school once.

  • IronJustice
    Just might make the CUT
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    When you said Ghost Busters was your favorite movie, were you referring to the 1954 original or the 1984 remake?

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    Ah, PSP UMDs… One of the weakest ways to watch a movie.

    I like my PSP but watching TV and movies on it is one of the low points.

    • OrangeRider
      Memeforce Zwei
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      Still better a better handheld than the PSVita though

      • OrangeRider
        Memeforce Zwei
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        Sorry, I meant “Still a better handheld than the PSVita though”

        • Otaku World Order
          Otaku World Order
          I'm THE BEST!
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          The Vita is/was an amazing piece of tech, but like the PSP, Sony basically stopped giving a shit about five minutes after launch. Hell, the only thing Sony bothered to save was Gravity Rush because that game was too good to just leave on the sinking ship that Sony basically scuttled.

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    Great video, Phelous. I learned stuff

  • CyborgPrince
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    I wasn’t even aware of some of these video formats. I can see why for some of them, since they weren’t ever popular where I live.

    That’s quite the collection you’ve got there. It must have cost quite a penny to get.