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    Dong Man? Another one of Old Man’s cousins?

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    1:51 – Did I just see J-Decker from the 90’s Japanese anime series Brave Police J-Decker? Also, I could see Build Tiger from the same series on the box as well.

    2:48 – Expand D**G, I guess. Fun Fact: Dong Man is actually Chinese for anime.

    5:54 – Top 10 Anime Character Backstories

    8:03 – Starscream’s face looks more like a leech with eyes than an actual humanoid face.




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    Yeah, this seems pretty comparable to the actual figure it’s ripping off. I’ve had it in person, and the cheaper plastic on the actual DOTM Starscream is due to the fact there was a major budget cut for Hasbro’s actual toy production. Possibly due to low sales or the fact that the movie and TF: Prime show’s figures were getting more and more complex and expensive to produce with all the minuscule plastic pieces and joints, plus they were getting so complex that parents sent in letters about how it wasn’t even fun for the children they were marketed to due to their complexities. So, currently, the majority of TF toys are either incredibly simple chunks of plastic with hollowed out areas, or complex toys with cheaper plastic. As for the legs not going in right during transformation, yeah, movie toys are infuriatingly notorious for how difficult it is to get their vehicle modes to be flush like that, but it’s usually possible… and it helps when they’ve got their instructions, which you’d think would be cheap enough to print off in black and white but whatever I guess…

    Good review, it’s always fun to come back to the Bootleg Zone, even when the toy’s not too bad. The Engrish text is just hilarious.

    Incidentally, although it is part of the Bayformers line technically, I do have one recommendation for you to pick up; there’s a five-issue comic book mini series called Reign of Starscream. The book was made in 2007 as a sequel to the first movie, and the title basically says it all. It provides great character development, exploration and insight into Starscream as he fights (and defeats) a team of Autobots, travels to Cybertron, becomes leader of the Decepticons, and comes damned close to actually ending the war and creating peace on Cybertron, before it’s all snatched away from him by Autobots and his fellow disloyal Decepticons. It is, by far, one of the best written and most well executed Transformers stories ever, showing why Starscream was the second in command. It has nods to G1 fans, like certain bits of dialogue and tone, while still being a complete story in and of itself. I think you’d like it, as long as you could get past the character designs still being movie ones (which, in comic form, do look a bit better than the shitty movies). It actually manages to take Starscream’s one and only line in the movie and not only make it work really well, but makes it an integral part of the character as a launchpad for the entire story. Seriously, if you pick it up, you won’t regret it.

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      And parents complain the actual Hasbro toy is too complicated.  Once again, Soccer Mom’s ruin everything.  :-/

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    Dong Man? Boy they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel for these new Mega Man villains…

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    I was really curious what Dong Man meant. I asked a friend if she had a guess what the butchered pinyin could be. She thought it could be Dòngmàn (動漫) which Google translates as: anime. She translated it as: comic. In Chinese, the official translation of Transformers is Biànxíng jīngāng (變形金剛). So, Dong Man Jin Gang could be Dòngmàn jīngāng (動漫金剛). However, if you put that in Google translate you get: “Anime King Kong”. Either the original Chinese has a connotations not understood by Google translate or it’s slang. Maybe someone on this site has a better understanding of Mandarin Chinese. 

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    Oh, Phelan. Did you really need to make a video of you playing with your Dong for all to see?

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    Something I’ve wondered for a while: where does your background music come from?