• CyThatNerd
    Old Man
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    “Everyone on hight Pony alert!” Phelan, don’t encourage the Ponies. They’re all clearly Hugh enough already. I mean just look at those hippy flowers Cutie Marks!

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Phelous finally cracked, and it wasn’t even during a Bat Hero or Baltard sketch.


    Long live Baltard!

  • Makroth
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    If it makes you feel any better, i always thought your bootleg sketches were silly. Still entertaining, though.

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    02:00 At least they put the Cutie Mark on both sides unlike the “canon” figures from Hasbro. 02:37 Or horns. 02:47 Hasbro is infamous for the same thing tbh. Also Lunadancer Sparkle is best Acorn Princess. 😛 I do wish I could give Phelous a hug tho. TTnTT


    Tbh, I would’ve rated them an 8.5 on replacement and quality when compared to the official minifigs.  It’s main problem was the poorly hidden neck joint.  If they had kept it they would’ve actually had something the official figures don’t have-articulation!

  • Nalwonk
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    The real ones were just about as lazy for years, only 5 moulds (one of which looks like a retool of the others) to represent the 6 main characters and a boatload of made up characters, so repaints galore.  These almost seem LESS like ripoffs than the real ones because they aren’t obvious recolours of actual characters.

    • lunabuna
      Bat Hero
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      Came here to say just that. When I collected them, it was pretty much just the same poses with different colors. These ripoffs could actually adequately pass for the real thing for a really young child.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Can’t wait to see how many butthurt bronies in the Youtube comments take this way too seriously & “actually” you to death.

    So….Are these glossy things made out of chewed gum or fondant? I can’t stop thinking about cupcakes when I look at them.

    7:09 Wow…. Hydrocephaly is Magic!

  • MoonSapphire
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    I have the genuine figurines of Fluttershy, Lemon Hearts, and Helia, the last of which was a blind bag pick. As for Fairy Pony, these seem kinda off in comparison… By the way, there’s also an Equestria Girls ripoff called Pony Angels that I found at my local Family Dollar one time.