• Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Good riddance to that schmuck that fired Halloweenie!  Also, First, etc…  😛

  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
    Bat Hero
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    Wait, Kathy Kauldron? Will Halloweenie be forced to confront his prejudices when he learns his neighbor is a witch? How will he deal with the meth lab upstairs? Will he ever get his show back? All these questions and more will definite- very like- probably not be answered if you stay tuned…

  • joelkazoo
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    I think Halloweenie has a crush on somebody!…

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Two freaks, a polite pumpkin and a rude skeleton separated from their jobs, have to live together despite their differences. They are….The Odd Cohosts.

    Ugh…Oh god…Those Smurf faces are just horrifying…

    Lol, who’s upstairs? Sounds like Patrick Star. XD

  • Marvelfan211
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    Loving the new season of Halloweenie. He’s always been a favor of mine. 

    A few questions though:
    1. Were all those explorations videos really just you two scouting for locations for this show?
    2.Is Pumpkenweenie really alive in-universe or is Haloweenie just a lonely ventriloquist?
    3. Is there any chance we’ll get an origin of the character or at least an explanation as to why he wears a Skull on his head and refers to himself as “Halloweeinie? Was he bitten by a radioactive skull? Did his father beat him as a child and Halloweenie disassociated himself into a new persona based on his love of the escapism for Halloween? What is his deal?
    4.When the fuck are we gonna get the rest of the Noonbory review?????????????