• KaijuKid
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Cool.  Makes me wonder if anybody ever got ambitious enough to try and knock off the Technodrome? That would be rad.

  • Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    Yeah, aside from the turret and decals, this really doesn’t feel like a TMNT vehicle. Wonder if it would fit GI Joe figures better

  • wetman
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    KIRBY the Fifth Tire!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Looks like Turtle Bundy is stuck with the old Dodge forever.

  • Lermont
    Bat Hero
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    lol, those are some vaguely Ukrainian colors, especially that flag. But I wonder why the bootleggers didn’t put in that one bit of extra effort and blow up the mold and make the doors operable to make it official turtle figure compatible. I can’t imagine they would make more money by saving on plastic and tricking people than by providing a product that people would actually want for a few extra bucks in costs.

    But I’m sure that in a few more years when 3D printers will become really common, you will actually be able to download and print cool fan-made designs of action figures AND vehicles/accessories/play sets. That will probably completely destroy the bootleg toy market. On the plus side, Phelous printing and reviewing the best/worst designs would make for a great new show.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    A Master of Unlocking
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    Looks like a pretty generic 4×4 truck mold from that era, but you got to give them props for managing to make it turtle-ish.

    As a kid, I probably would have just spray painted it silver and called it the truck from Terminator.

  • Marvelfan211
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    I think you were way too generous with the score here, Phelous. The toy doesn’t do the one thing it was supposed to do: Be a Turtles vehicle!


    Don shoulda hung himself “Simba Style”

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    The fact they can’t actually fit in the thing is probably something that upset, confused and infuriated any kid who bought the thing, especially with the constantly recycled box art of them IN the vehicle as you’d expect. Granted, it has that cheap bucket-seat with the big gun they can… sorta(?) sit in, but this was probably a disappointing buy for kids expecting a fun turtles toy.

  • Doresh
    Just might make the CUT
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    If there exists a bootleg Technodrome, please let it be battery-powered, with blinking lights and playing a poor quality version of Gangnam style, or similar nonsense*. This would make me so happy.

    *) Ideally something from the “Coming out of their Shells” tour, but that’s sadly very unlikely.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I just found these really weird bootleg toys:

    Winnie the horrifying HIGH CLASS WEAPON Pooh:  http://36.media.tumblr.com/34a340757223e8c2c531f2e5cdfcc449/tumblr_nimvbzVBsb1u3mk7wo3_1280.jpg

    Musical Mario & Yoshi mobile toy (Yoshi looks sooooo high):