• kudofan
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    As bad as this episode was, I still think the episode “Killswitch” about the living computer was worse.

  • Ry-Guy
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    The 7th season is really where the series started going downhill…

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    It, I just… WHAT?!?!?!?! I just watched the pilot episode, and going from that to this shit is complete and utter whiplash! What happened to this show in the intervening years?!

    • jingleyells
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      Haha! Ok can I just say that even though season 6/7 entered a lot of comedic / self-aware territory, that First-Person Shooter is known to be especially awful and shouldn’t be taken as an average episode of that season. XD

  • jingleyells
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    Oh my god, this is all I ever wanted. XD Please more X-Files manic episodes!

    I remember that when we first watched this, even though we were hardcore fans, neither me or my friends could take this seriously. We mentioned writers’ wet dreams a lot. And also groaned and laughed hysterically.

  • Robanah
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    All I remember about this episode was how incredibly hot Molder looked in that outfit!!!!  lol I was 12 and had a huge crush on this guy. Loved this review…. Can you do more like this???

  • Bobmaster
    Old Man
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    I remember this episode, you also remind me of this as well http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1256159/. I kind hope that you review it too.

  • obsolete
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    oh hell yeah manic episodes on the x-files, yes please 🙂

    • lunabuna
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      Came here to say the exact same thing. 😀

      And screw this episode, man. I kinda liked it when I was younger because it was about video games, but it is so, SO sexist, it’s nauseating to watch now. I marathoned the series with my boyfriend, and this is his second least-favorite episode in the whole thing. Granted, he’s a computer technician and the terminology was totally butchered in this episode, so that might have had something to do with it. But I think mostly he was horrified at how both women AND men were portrayed. I don’t blame him.

  • Handsome Pete
    Handsome Pete
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    This episode was written by William Gibson, of all people.  I don’t know if that makes it more or less weird.  Apparently he’d written an earlier episode called Kill Switch, and this was his follow-up.

  • Troggyman
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    I dare not even look at how youtube is reacting to this video. Hopefully not, but I can sense a third wave feminist/gamergate shitwave incoming.

    And oh, why does Hollywood and U.S. TV not know how computers work even to this day? Why is it so hard? Atleast get a consultant or something.

    It’s funny, I never watched this show much, nor Buffy. Both have their share of bad episodes it seems (not strange considering the length) but with such strong fanbases there must be something worthwile. The little I saw of X-files was all really strong episodes, so my memory of it are atleast of good things. At what season did the quality really start to plummet? I usually cut series off at that point.

    I am really happy to see more Manic Episodes. Bring ’em on!

  • Anders
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    Why doesn’t Scully say “This was no boating accident!” after autopsying the body?

  • SuperMarioPunchy
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    Not gonna lie, really missed this series…

    Even though every episode of Baywatch IS a manic episode.

  • Drakkenmensch
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    Virtual Reality episodes from the 90’s are nothing but hurt and pain and anger for me. “If you die in there, you die for real!”

    Shut up, all of you. YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ANYMORE.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Wow…& I thought the NCIS & Law & Order episodes about gaming were….I mean, as a gamer, the cringe level is over 9,000 here.

    I hear FOX wants to order another series, but Duchovny’s not entirely sure about it.

    Game pitch: “Did you think Super Ghouls & Ghosts was too EASY? Was I Wanna Be The Guy too much of a walk in the park?”

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    The first time I ever saw the X-files was part of the first episode of this new 2016 season. Also, we happened to say both to that cowgirl scene being awesome and stupid. LOL. 😀