• Dunes
    Robert Cop
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    I’m fairly sure the gas mask guy comes from a game. I can’t remember which one.

  • Ultratech94
    End Of Transmission
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    the green colored counterpart tend to look like The Guyver.

  • WhyNeighborDanWhy
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Phelan! The art on the Space Defender box looked familiar! It’s from Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire (an excellent game).


  • BillMcPork
    Old Man
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    They have surprisingly detailed packaging.

  • Leech
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    Great video, I love Star Wars Bootlegs! The Gas Mask guy on the Space Defender packaging is actually a piece of stolen Star Wars artwork. It’s this artwork of Darth Malak from Knights of the Old Republic with a different head photoshopped on. http://lostanarchymagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Star-Wars-Knights-of-the-Old-Republic-Darth-Malak.jpg

  • Trixie_is_best
    Bat Hero
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    Not sure why, but we need a knock-off figure called Darth Twinkle Eyes.

  • Spikeprime
    I'm on a post!
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    That’s certainly a rather silly number of variants and associated figures to crappy knockoffs like these, jeez! Then again, at least it’s not nearly as ridiculous as the Galaxy Hole.

    Haha, wow, finally a cheap toy/knockoff company I recognise–Funtastic! Another guy who reviews crappy toys sometimes, Ashens, covered a metric shit-tonne of toys from Funtastic… and they’ve all been hilariously inept, and many of them were knockoffs, including Transformers knockoffs. I know that they sell a lot of their products in Poundland here in England. Thought that might be interesting for you to know.

    Great review as always, Phelous.

  • Marvelfan211
    Prodigy Pet Gym Leader
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    Light Vader shot first!

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Ligth Vader’s face is rabbit like. You got the lopped ears, the big eyes, the extended nose, & a big ol’ buck tooth…& a strand of pearls on his face for some reason.

    1612″Let me just do my quick lick test to see if it’s lead paint.” lol XD

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    A Master of Unlocking
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    At first I was wondering if this whole bootleg zone video thing was gonna work out, but it’s been a blast and I actually look forward to them now.

    The light and dark version Vaders reminds me of toys called the Mega Micronauts from the Micronauts collections.

    There was a white and black one, the white one looking more like a StromTrooper and the Dark One…a little like a cross between Vader and the evil Santa bot from Futurama. The coolest thing was that you could take them apart and connect them with magnets for joints, and even reassemble them into centaurs with the horse figure.

  • godprostitute
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    They did actually release a white Darth Vader, based on this What If-style comic where Luke succeeds in turning his father back into a Jedi. I always thought it was really cool and it goes good with the Holiday Special Boba Fett. http://jedibusiness.com/figureDetails.aspx?id=289

  • Mattney
    Old Man
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    Phelous, I love you. You and Allison both. And I know that websites, especially personal ones like yours, don’t stay the same. They change, they evolve with the person/people running them. And I love the way things are going, I do. I love Bootleg Zones, I can’t wait for the next part of the Ghostbusters series, and Allison is killing it with Movie Nights. But I have to say, I miss Phelous sitting in front of a bunch of toys and video games, talking about some terrible horror movie. That’s all. (cue “Christmastime is Here” by Vince Guaraldi)

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Since I live around Houston does anyone know what version/title variant of these figures Funtastic is selling?  I was thinking of just driving up to their place and just buy some directly from them for myself.  😛

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Don’t know if anyone cares, but I actually drove up to the Funtastic Office in Houston (since I live in the area0.  They only take ppl. by appointment; they don’t do walk-ins.  Anyway, I found out that they only sell in bulk to businessowners (IE:  “The fastest way to rack up profits!”).  So alas, I couldn’t buy individual figures from them.  Oh well, next stop is ebay I guess.  😛

    • Phelous
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      That’s interesting. I’m not too surprised that’s how they sell though, when I’ve looked up a lot of these companies buying in bulk is usually the only option. Though there is a least a decent chance they’d sell to one of the dollar stores in the area.

      • Brother_Malachai
        Captain Sillypants
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        TY for responding Phelous.  I may try Harwin Drive later as that’s the local import stores district in Houston and Funtastic is in the imports business. That’s usually the default place to go to in Houston for cheap import bootlegs (purses, cologne, toys, phone accessories, etc…).   Not to mention the street is connected to the Chinatown and Indian Districts.

  • Brother_Malachai
    Captain Sillypants
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    Well I finally got my hand on Light and Dark Vader at Toys R’ Us!  They were in the “Party Section” for $3.00 US each.  No sign of the Gundam or Guyver figures though.

    • Brother_Malachai
      Captain Sillypants
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      They sell the Gundam rip-off at a local chain of stores called HEB Plus.  Also, it turns out they make Transformers rip-offs too!  No light up eyes or sounds for them though.

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    The Robots Lazerbot looks like a silver version of the Impulse Gundam from Gundam SEED Destiny.

  • Isolder74
    Just might make the CUT
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    I’ve seen 2 more names these are being packaged under now. Space Robot and Space Invaders.

    • Brother_Malachai
      Captain Sillypants
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      Yeah, I was able to get the light and dark vader.  I’m glad phelous showed us these toys.  I got those two on guard duty in my collection of smaller figures as droid guards for the Empire/New Order.  😛

      • Isolder74
        Just might make the CUT
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        The thing is I saw the Space Robot one at a local Rite-Aid and the Space Invader at the nearby Family Dollar.  I thought of Phelous as soon as I saw both of them and couldn’t help but chuckle.

        So they are still coming up with new names to put these out under to obviously stay under the radar of Lucasfilm.  I’m just surprised they haven’t run out of alternant names to use yet.

  • Memeforce Zwei
    Memeforce Zwei
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    “Stuart “Ashens” Ashen wants to know your location.”