E-Heroes – DreamGear Plug n’ Play Part 1

Found deep within the bowels of a local electronics store, this seemingly harmless controller carries an enormous curse. 140 games curse to be exact! Can AWD! handle to review every game in this “console free” “American Made” “original”?


  • likalaruku
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    Oooh, a Popstation review. Ashens hasn’t done one in ages, so I was beginning to miss them.

    0:44 A sonic audio book? I would have loved that as a kid.

    Well, since Disney plagiarized Osamu Tezuka, it’s only fair.

    Loved the Danger Bridge joke. XD

    That mermaid could double as a Leaft Seahorse, if you look at the hair as a beak.

  • ZetaSonic
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    Wonder Rabbit had graphics lifted from Super Mario Bros. 2.

  • elaurino
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    Yeah… this thing would have driven me nuts! Your review, however, is awesome!

  • jjlkalkaska
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    The controller is molded from a third party Dreamcast controller.

  • Trixie_is_best
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    After seeing the review of the DreamGear, I have seen several at our local hobby shop and was tempted to buy it just cause of how bad it looks.

    Yet, there are many multi cart mini consoles out there as shown by JonTron and other reviews to.  Its one of those other black holes similar to the Galaxy Warriors line being reviewed by Phelous.  Still, you should review more of these ‘consoles’, they are such fun to watch.