• Codythesickdog
    Bat Hero
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    I am glad Andrew is making more videos, I feel like he is very underrated!


    Good job with this video!



    Hope to see more from you1 ^_^

  • Plasticlion
    Comments: 68

    Why do all the dev’s look like they  are looking through a window while a woman undresses? Could they have taken creepier looking pictures?

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Your house is a nerd’s paradise. I only get to do that to the office. 😛

    You ever gonna review cartoons again? I still remember your Bubsy & Felix reviews like they were yesterday.

    Who’s the artist for your chiptunes theme?

    So this game is like an 16 bit Stubs the Zombie or for a stretch, Goat Simulator.

    Rubic the Amazing Cube….Now there is one cartoon I do not remember at all.

    YTOD: Yellow Tab of Doom.

    Pretty funny stuff. Have you tried submitting to Normal Boots?

    Not going to swear on it, but this may have been on the short-lived SEGA Channel.

    Who’s the dude on that football game? Is that…..Al Bundy?