• Leech
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    I like the demonic horse, it looks surprisingly cool. In fact, the white, veiny face with the red pop eyes made me think of the evil rocking horse from Prom Night II. Also, glad to see that certain “Lion and the King” quotes have made it onto your list of running gags. Yay!

    • hairyfeet
      Old Man
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      I think the reason the horse on the box looks different is they decided to just use an already produced horse from another line as I had that horse in the early 80s. In that set the horse was brown and NOT demonic looking and it came with a highly articulated cowboy figure that you could remove the hat, vest, boots, holster and six shooters and he came with a lasso already looped so you could pose him like he was trying to rope the horse.

      Considering how much recycling Sungold did with their figures it really wouldn’t surprise me if somebody said after the box art was printed “hey don’t we already have a horse for the cowboy line?” and they just painted it “alien” and packed it in.

  • NIP
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    I think Spikes is Marvin the Martian on steroids.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    $7.97 for an early 80s toy. :::gets out calculator:: Assuming the sticker isn’t from 90s resale, adjust for inflation & round to the nearest dollar, & that comes out to about $19; just under the price of 2 shirts at Ross or a pack of hamburger at Costco today. I was too little to have an allowance back then, so I don’t know if that’s decent or overpriced for a toy.

    You know…I think Dragoon’s red head might be inspired by the flag of Wales.

    Deevil looks like Voltron’s King Zarkon with a helmet instead of a crown. While he’s probably 100% modeled after a Frazetta painting of a blue guy wearing the same helmet, Voltron came out in America in this toy line’s second year of production.

    “Let’s get Tarderous.” lol.

  • erikwmf
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    Just now the notion hit me…Somewhere in the future, the battle of the two biggest, most revolting losers in bootleg history wil commence. BALLTARD VS BAT-HERO Dun-dun duuuunnnnnn!!

  • Amnesiac23
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    I don’t know if it is the fact that I’m an art historian or what, but I love listening to the little details about these figures. The backstory to this set…just dear god.

    Also, I kind of love demon horse. Zombie horse is awesome too. Shame I have never been good at painting models (or anything for that matter) or I would totally try to recreate the look for some of my action figures.

  • fanime1
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    Damn that’s a cool looking horse. It surprisingly steals the show from the dinosaur, though it’s not his fault the company got lazy with him. Too bad these are rare and expensive though. The video was funny as usual, but the history part was confusing, not that that’s your fault of course. I’m sure bootleg companies don’t tend to publicize their history for the world to see, so I’m surprised you got as much as you did.

  • RokuroCarisu
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    The more I look at Huk, the more does he remind me of Honeydew from the Yogscast…

  • Jellax-Jedi
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Poor Batard, he gets no respect. Just like Bat-Hero.