• wetman
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    So the Retron 5 with Punch out in it is the perfect self defense gift against Internet ghosts?

  • Mr. Lulz
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    The reason that “analogue stick” is so clicky is because it’s not an analogue stick. it’s a micro switch stick which while it may look analogue is very much digital with 8 directions. basically it’s a miniture version of an arcade stick and makes for a beatiful yet underused alternative for a D-pad.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    I’ve been concidering buying one; takes up way less space that having all of the individual consoles, yet buying all those consoles secondhand would be cheaper. Now if there was only one that would play N64, PS1, Camecube, Saturn, & Dreamcast, Xbox, Jaguar, & 3DO.


    If there’s that much of a pain & could potentially damage the cartidges, maybe I;ll wait for Retron 6 or 7.

  • Laserface
    I'm THE BEST!
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    I haven’t heard of other consoles like this before. I was only aware of the FC Twin. Maybe Phelous could do an episode of MMZ about the FC Twin sometime.

    This sounds like the dream console for retro gamers to have. Too bad some of the official games don’t seem to work well with it. And that “you can’t put in multiple cartridges at once and select which one to play seperately” thing is rather stupid… Well, you win some, you lose some.

  • Drowkin
    Old Man
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    Haha, feels like the weird Punch-Out!! glitch would be a solid ground for a creepypasta. The Tengen Pac-Man is quite close too.

    But damn… I have to admit that if I had that console as a kid I would’ve shat my pants.

    Anyway, awesome Bootleg Zone! I enjoy seeing you play a weird console as much as I do watching you play with those weird bootleg Thomas the Transformers Engine toys. 🙂

    Keep up the good work, budday! Or pal. Or friend. Or whatever South Park’s parody of Canadian guys managed to put in my head. God am I easily influenced…

  • hairyfeet
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    Its ironic that it doesn’t like Bootleg as the Retron 5 is itself a bootleg! Its code was ripped off from several Android emulators, most of which are released under licenses that say quite clearly they are for non commercial use ONLY and all of which did not give permission to be used in the Retron 5!

  • ElfMonster
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    I just got myself a RetroN 5. I haven’t tested out the NES, SNES or Genesis slots yet but I think they’ve listened to some of the complaints about games being difficult to eject and also that you had to hold the powerbutton for a few years before it turned on. On mine I only have to hold for a second or two, and it boots up.


    (On a side note: GBA and GBC games not so much, but for some reason I think the old GB games look *great* on it. Logically they should look the worst, but I don’t think so. It might be down to personal preference though…)

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    My mother is thinking on getting this for me this Christmas season. 🙂 I’ve heard that GBA games can save now with the latest firmware installed.

    So, Phelous, are you interested in import games? Because I am. The GBA and the DS Lite are region-free so it can play import games with no hassle. Even non-DSI-exclusive import DS games can work on a 3DS XL (I’m not joking. Apparently, Nintendo put region-lock for the 3DS games but not the regular DS ones. Pretty odd indeed).

  • zmbdog2
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    CAN you insert an SNES cart backwards in any of the slots though?  If not, then it’s just baffling they would program it to ask such a thing. 😵