• Sephiroth1204
    Just might make the CUT
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    Hehe, that was awesome. I always love those skits at the end

  • Bralef
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    Great episode. I was disappointed that there wasn’t a Halloweenie cameo though, given Electric Robocop Cyboug Machine Man Super Robocop’s electric powers.

  • Tresjin
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    전자로보캄 III is simple, it’s just “Electric Robocop III”, same as the English.

    The paragraph on the back comes through the translator a bit more oddly. Google turns “야욕과 범죄로 얼룩져 가는 디트로이트의 새로운 질서를 위해 로보캅의 핸드건은 불을 뿜는다.” into “Ambitions and stained with crimes in order to go to Detroit’s new Robocop breathing the fire of handguns.”, which doesn’t sound quite right.

    So I asked Bing Translate instead and they came up with “Ambitions and a new order of Detroit is smeared with a crime for RoboCop’s hand gun is a Spitfire.” which makes much more sense.

  • HarryFA1
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    So apparently Cyboug Robocop is a bootleg of this guy:
    He’s essentially just a Japanese interpretation of Robocop, so that title really isn’t off the mark by much.
    Anyway, thought you’d be interested to know.

  • Torque
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Phelous. I have wondered this for years. What is that green ghost that is in a lot of your title cards and in the back of this BZ episode?

  • likalaruku
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    Tea Yang = Tie Yohng. Sorry…Obsesdive compulsion compells me.

    Robocop always sears his best lipstick on bootlegs.

    Wacky Action…That’s just lazy. XD

    Picking cybougers. Press asshole for activation.

    Thoze buldging eyes, that footbal helmet, those color combos….

  • RokuroCarisu
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    I laughed SO hard about those stickers! XD

  • Edmond Dantes
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    You’ve probably already gotten this comment a hundred times by now, but on this page you’ve only got 13 comments, very unlucky, so I will make it 14.

    There’s actually an interesting history here.  Jiban was part of Toei and Bandai’s “Metal Heroes” franchise, a franchise that began with Space Sheriff Gavan.  Gavan actually inspired the look of Robocop, especially the visor.  See for thine self:


    So what we have here is a toyline that inspires the look of Robocop, who comes back and inspires the storyline of a future Metal Heroes series…

    …Maybe.  Actually, its hard to say for sure, because actually stories like Robocop have been done in Japan since at least 1968, with probably the earliest Robocop-like hero being “8-Man”


    However, considering that American movies tended to be very popular in Japan in the 80s (and just like in America, Japanese people tend to forget any work of fiction that is more than five years old) I would suspect Robocop really was the inspiration.

    This has been your pointless history lesson.  Have a pleasant day.

    Random bonus fact:  Some shows in the Metal Heroes franchises were used as stock footage sources for Saban’s “VR Troopers” and “Big Bad Beetleborgs”

  • OrangeRider
    Memeforce Zwei
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    Speaking of Korean rip-offs, I think that Phelous should review the insane South Korean knock-off of Mazinger Z called Voltar the Invincible (AKA. Robot Taekwon V) where the title robot uses taekwondo to defeat his enemies. I’ve seen it and it is pretty cheesy if you ask me. Also, there’s this kid who dresses up like a weird teapot robot thingy.