• VoodooLady
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    A reboot of this show got picked up by the CW, and is gonna be airing sometime this fall.



  • MasterNyx
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    The music video when Vincent was in crazy cat mode was Catherine trying to wake up with sex. Since it was a primetime show on CBS they decided on showing an old school reel of visual metaphors set to corny music instead. So yes, totally creepy that had sex with him while he was basically in a coma. An interesting side note (to me) is that in the original Sleeping Beauty fairy tale the charming prince did the same to Beauty. She even slept through the pregnancy.

  • Johro
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    I did like the later episodes better than the first season for sure.  Not really anything to add.

  • broken_car
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    The beast is in the friendzone.

  • M Chambers
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    No, Katherine was a rich girl who worked at her father’s law firm. She doesn’t join the DA’s office until after she meets Vincent and chooses to give up high society to fight crime.

  • M Chambers
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    Wow, somehow I missed that Vincent’s origin was a lie! I thought that was the explanation for why he looked the way he did.


    The music video scene was done because they can’t show them making love! The video doesn’t come calm him down it was the sex.


    “When did they ever do it?” It was during bad music video scene. Katherine didn’t take advantage of him. She was calming him down and bringing him out of his rage.