• SadPanda
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    It’s not 5 seconds at all!!!! AAWWWAAWAAAAWAWWWWWAA

    • SsnakeBite
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      Actually from a non-linear, non-objective view point, time is like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… timey wimey… stuff. So from a certain point of view, this video lasts 5 seconds exactly. If you blink.

      • EmynStranger
        A Real Turtles Fighter
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        DON’T BLINK! Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. 😐

        The tricky thing in time travel stories isn’t what the rules are, it’s that you need to pick a set of rules and then stick to them. Otherwise you end up like Triangle – which I suppose isn’t too bad since it spawned one of my favorite reviews. 😉

  • ggbhtg
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    You’ve created a TIME PARADOX Solid Sn- er Phelous! (Or how about Pholid Snaklous?) I’m glad there’s someone else around to point out the plotholes so I can remain a casual viewer. Although now I feel bad for not remembering certain blatant inconsistencies like two of the same person in different timelines. Although you could probably explain it away with the Big Bang from the Series 5 finale or something.

  • Farsh-nuke
    Old Man
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    He said missing the point.

    The First Doctor spent a whole story pointing out to Barbara that you can’t change history, not one line but then in the Romans he started the fire that burnt it down and a chase with some daleks caused the mystery of the Marie Celeste then the second Doctor was involved in the sinking of Atlantis only for the third to learn that not only were the Daemons secretly behind the sinking of Atlantis but the Master actually caused it by releasing a Kronovore then the Fourth Doctor was actually appointed by the timelords to change history by wiping out the daleks and he succeeded after a fashion. The sixth Doctor even fought his own potential future evil self. The Seventh Doctor nuked skaro with the Hand of Omega and met his end after agreeing to take the Master’s remains to their final resting place after the daleks exterminated him on Skaro.

    Doctor Who has always played fast and loose with time and continuity, it is really too late to get annoyed about plot holes but even then you have the fact that not only has there been a timewar and the entire universe been rebuilt from Amy’s memories and the contents of the Doctor’s purpose built prison cell but the Doctor himself has been growing in ever greater confidence from the ninth in Father’s Day to the tenth in the Water’s of Mars. 11 even lampshades this with his talk about the importance of people where previously he’d dismissed the ‘little people’. Kazran Sardick isn’t important, he has never been involved in any big plots to take over the world. He is only important to the people crashing in the present and thus 11 can play silly buggers as much as he likes because Kazran is not the Brigadier or even Rose Tyler, he’s a little person obstructive enough to make screwing about with time a reasonable alternative to a mass evacuation of the ship.