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    Watching this I just realised how much Dragonball Xenoverse 2 reused chunks of this movie’s plot.

    I gotta say, seeing all five different dubs compared is pretty amazing. Also that Big Green Tien voice and that Speedy dub… What the hell?!

    I’m assuming Yamcha spent all that money because he was pretty sure he wouldn’t live long enough for it to matter.

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    That Speedy dub’s voices make the Dingo Pictures crew sound like a Shakespearean troupe. I’m guessing they called the company Speedy because they tried to get all of the dialogue┬á recoreded in on one take and barely paused between words.

    Also, Turlis or Taurus or Taras or Talas or whmever-lus’ runty purple twin cronies were voiced by females (or a single female) in that dub. Hearing undisguised lady voices coming out of those purple gremlins’ mouths is just funny to me for some reason.