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    Nice work, Phelan, pointing out the utter hypocrisy of Michelangelo complaining about being out voted by his “family” and immediately afterwards showing the clip from episode 2 where Leonardo declares to Venus “Oh, we’re not brothers!” Next Mutation went out of it’s way to inform us the four turtles weren’t related (only so it wouldn’t be incest for the boy turtles to mack on Venus), but they’re still a family, according to Mikey. Perhaps Leo was only saying that they weren’t related to Venus in episode 2 because he was horny in a half shell!

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      Seriously, make up your minds, writers. Are the Turtles family or not? Either they’re a family or they’re just roommates so the guys can safely perv on their sister. Pick one!

      Also, Mikey storms off in a huff after the argument that he was actually winning; Venus, Donny and Splinter were in agreement with him, so that 3 for Mikey’s “plan” versus 3 against. And Mikey tosses the word “shell” around like dollar bills at a strip club during show, yet Wick can’t make the connection that the guy on the radio making shell puns just might be one of the turtle creatures that they semi-regularly fight against? Man, this show just keeps sliding further and further down the dumb-hole, doesn’t it?

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    *That was supposed to be ‘2 against’. My typing sucks.

  • Jon Protagonist
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    This episode really crystallized the shows biggest, most unforgivable sin:

    I’ll bet the execs were looking around thinking “hey what are popular live action shows for teenagers right now?” and instead of emulating something good like Pete and Pete, they thought…“Saved by the Bell is popular, and they ridicule and treat each other like shit all the time, let’s have the TEENAGE Mutant Ninja Turtles be like that!”

    Which is something that no matter how goofy the 87 animated got, they never forgot. The Ninja Turtles aren’t lazy, mean spirited, privileged jerks like Zach Morris and Co.

    This makes the stakes seem even lower. Sure, the 97′ animated turtle villains were screw-ups and fools, but here, because the Ninja Turtles are too busy giving being lazy, selfish brats, they end up spending more time fighting each other and the villains and the conflict with them feel like an afterthought.

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    You know, for a moment I thought the pen Wick gave Mike was going to be a tracker to lead the dragons to the Lair. I gave this show way too much credit.