• rando
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    Wow, that was something… mystery, intrigue, psychological horror, action, and more. Also, I loved the Star Wars reference.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Wow – thanks for that!

    That interview is really amazing, feels like Hasselhoff became a victim of the monster he helped create. My thoughts here are what a selfish asshole he is. He co-created this successful show that should never have been a hit, then he gets bored with it and wants to be a movie star so he phones it in and stops taking it seriously – which is kind of leaving his co-stars and crew twisting in the wind.

    This definitely steals some inspiration from Star Trek TNG episode “The Collector” where a wealthy scoundrel kidnaps Commander Data and tries to keep him like a pet of a valuable work of art. The difference is the Star Trek TNG episode is fun and intriguing…

    Angie Harmon is clearly a beautiful woman, but she looks so awkward in her swimsuit posing like that to sell suntan lotion.