• Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    It’s not that I think it’s a Yeti, and you think it’s a gorilla and we disagree, it’s that I don’t think the show creators had really thought it through.


    Yes, he is called silver, and he is gorilla like hence Silverback Gorilla…

    Yes there are monkey puns and banana references…

    So YES – it’s obviously a gorilla in practice.



    He said he is not a mutant, and he is the last of his kind…which would strongly hint at being a Yeti.  Silverback Gorillas may sadly be endangered, but they aren’t down to the last one. Silverback gorillas have black fur on their heads, torso and arms. Yeti or “the abominable snow man” are most often depicted as white or light grey.

    Yeti are often said to be mystical creatures or the last of a near extinct human like evolutionary path…so it would make sense in the context of this show that it can speak and develop human mannerisms without being a mutant.


    Point is: Clearly the writing for this show is sloppy, and they probably just had a decent quality gorilla suit to work with, and so like all the new characters, they didn’t really think him through.

    It’s a gorilla that was probably originally meant to be a Yeti – mystery solved!

  • Goldstar
    Bat Hero
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    Maybe the show’s staff couldn’t find a yeti costume?

  • Silverstar
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    So, does Venus not have magic powers anymore? Did she decide that she’d rather use trick balls instead? Or did living with these brain-dead buffoons cause her to forget them? It’s enough for this show to be stupid, but it can’t even be bothered to stay consistent with its’ stupidity.