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    Nice video, Phelan and Tabmok99. I liked how you guys did this as a semi-scripted, off-the-cuff cherry picked convo rather than as a scene-for-scene, blow-by-blow account of the entire thing; sure, you could’ve run through the whole story cover to cover, but this way is more succinct and not as time consuming.

    I agree with you guys that an ideal Mortal Kombat cartoon would lie somewhere between the watered down Defenders of the Realm and nonstop balls-to-the-wall violence and gore of this. And yes, an adaptation based on MK2 would be cool, as that’s always been my favorite MK title.

    This is only partially related, but I really dislike the whole “Sindel was actually an evil gold-digging bitch all along and her being brainwashed by Shao Khan was just a lie to appease her people” retcon. I get that some folks wanted to see Sindel being truly villainous, but to me that’s just yet another evil queen running around in fiction. Can we have a benevolent queen, just once? This is why Hasbro pulled that bullcrap in Candy Land by turning Queen Frostine into a princess, because they think queens are often associated with evil.

    Also, one of my favorite parts was the opening WB Animation ident with Daffy Duck and Scorpion. Before anyone says it, I know that’s just the standard studio logo animation and WB just substituted Porky Pig with Scorpion, I just prefer the earlier, crazier Daffy to the later Chuck Jones inspired greedy and selfish version, so using it again here just verifies that WB will be sticking with insane Daffy for a while. Screwloose Daffy is best Daffy.