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    Picard is the only one in the trial that is actually from Earth. The Human history of conflicts isn’t even that remarkable compared to other federation members. For some reason Q is fine with the rate of expansion for the federation but it’s just Humans that should stay in their own solar system.

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    Jon Protagonist
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    I think the “Thunderdome” was actually the more accurate explanation. I think Q says something about it, but in Star Trek lore it’s like a phase between now and the Utopian Trek era. It’s like a mini post nuclear dark age…

    Start Trek First Contact takes place at the literal end of this era – and it’s a great movie that shows how far TNG has come since this first season.

    I think there are a few reasons this show was able to survive into it’s later and better seasons despite the early episodes:

    1) Of course the power of the brand and franchise was a big help

    2) Because there wasn’t much like it on television at the time, the late 80s had a sort of doldrums between the futurist early 80s and the anything goes 90s. This was the height of hair metal and bland family sitcoms.

    3) It ran on syndication so, like Baywatch, and later Hercules, Xena, Mortal Kombat Conquest, etc… There was no single time slot or network to kill it. Independent stations were convinced to buy and air more episodes, and they kept it going.


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    If someone drank every time you said Groppler Zorn, they’d be dead.