TMNT Lost Adventure! The Mystery of the Cliffs

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles help out the Bureau of Land Management to get kids into protection of land and artifacts! This lost TMNT adventure combines the cartoon, movie and concerts for an odd story about Splinter’s ghost? Also it’s the 300th episode!


  • Anno Nimus
    Anno Nimus
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    “I hope you enjoyed the 300th and the last Phelous and the Movies.”


    “Until I film the next one.”


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    MY GAWD!
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    300 episodes huh? Conglaturations!

    I think I started watching your stuff somewhere in the middle of your run. You were still on Channel Awesome and Justin TV (now Twitch) was a thing. People would stream all the CA content creators, AVGN, Normal Boots, etc… At that point you were still mostly doing horror movies and Mortal Kombat/Resident Evil related stuff.


    Well it’s been a good run, you will be missed…until probably around this time next week when you likely put out another video.

    Thanks for the first 300!


  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
    MY GAWD!
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    Also I keep forgetting to add every time I hear Barry Gordy do Donatello’s voice, I can’t help but think of Rob Simmons/Orbot commander and the Nestle Quick bunny as well. Oh the 80s nostalgia!

    Of course Donatello was my favorite.

  • Goldstar
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    Congratulations on 300 episodes, Phelan! The first of your videos that I saw was your review of Mac & Me back when you were on That Guy With the Glasses. Back then, you seemed to mainly look at horror movies (of course, I didn’t know about Mortal Komedy then). When I became aware that you were also a fan of animation, I started watching more of your videos and I’ve been a fan ever since.


    I never this TMNT video existed. This is one of those things like the LA Blue Line video that has the Turtles doing some mundane activity in the hopes that kids will take an interest in said mundane thing because they see the Ninja Turtles (or costumed facsimilies thereof) doing it. It’s kind of surreal to hear the 1987 TV Turtles’ voices coming out from the Comin’ Out of Our Shells costumed Turtles. One nitpick that I have about those costumes (other than the fact that their mouth never close!) is that I wish whoever designed the costumes had picked a lighter shade of orange for Michelangelo’s headband. It was really hard to tell him from Raphael in this video, even more so than in the 1st concert. Mikey and Raph practically looked like twins here!


  • Silverstar
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    “Every time I hear Berry Gordy do Donatello’s voice…”

    The founder of Motown Records voiced Donatello? Wow!” -Just kidding, but Donny’s voice actor is Barry Gordon. He also voiced the Quik Bunny and Jake Klawson on SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron. 🙂

    Enough of me being a jerk. Congrats on 300 episodes, Phelan! As I mentioned on YouTube, you’re not only one of my favorite YouTubers but you also inspired me to pursue making comedy videos. Horror isn’t really my jam, but your horror reviews are great. Of course it was your animation videos and Bootleg/Miraculous Merchandise Zones that made this cartoon nut a regular viewer.

    As for this, so they used those Comin’ Out of Their Shells costumes for something else, eh? Didn’t know about this one; like Goldstar said, Turtle Mania was at its’ peak during this time, so companies thought that a sure fire way to reach the kids was to stick the Ninja Turtles into whatever they were trying to shill. I half expect a VHS to turn up in which the Turtles extol the awesomeness of rug weaving in Tibet at some point.

    • Jon Protagonist
      Jon Protagonist
      MY GAWD!
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      Hehe, after I typed it I realized the mistake, but thought it was too funny and wondered if someone would catch it! – So conglaturations to you too.

      I then proceeded to watch an episode of Mighty Orbots on my precious DVD…because it’s simply the greatest 80s action cartoon. Fight me. (also one of the most obscure because of a legal dispute with Tonka, with Barry Gordon providing the voice of Rob Simmons and his alter ego Orbots Commander.)

  • likalaruku
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    Congrats, man. I still remember when you uploaded your 30th episode like it was yesterday.

    My grandparents both worked for the BLM. Too bad they didn’t give free copies to employees.

    I can’t tell Michelangelo & Raphael apart in this, unless they’re talking.

    Suits aren’t bad, just the inability to close the mouths all the way.

    Imagine them filming in the desert at night & doing day-for-night shots.

    Appreciated that Star Trek joke. 😂

    Replace Michelangelo with Sonic. Endless chili dog references.

    Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on….. shooting stars.

    If this had been shot in Utah, my nostalgia meter would have exceeded it’s limit by now.