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    Oh, no! Phelous-ception!


    I guess Anne Rice was being faithful to the source material with her creepy porn novels about Sleeping Beauty getting manhandled. That’s.. ughhh… a thing… I guess… Eww…

    Also, Primrose, kind of looks like a budget version of Tinkerbell. Since, this is a Goodtimes film, I was expecting Old Man to steal her while in rose form and then he’d have to get Beauty to take the Princesss’ place, thus giving us a true Sleeping Beauty.

    • likalaruku
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      I was also thinking that Primrose looked like Tinkerbell, Odelia looks like Belle with short hair, Felicia looks like an Ariel-Belle hybrid Aurora is Snow White, Wisteria looks a bit like like Creamy Mami, green & blue haired ones reminds me of other 80s anime characters I can’t remember the names of.

  • likalaruku
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    The art in The Sun The Moon & Talia looks like Animaniacs & Tiny Toon Adventures, but moves like it was animated by the company that worked on A Pup Named Scooby Doo, or Spumco. (Looking into this somehow ended with me spending an hour looking at Kay Nielsen art).

    Oh yeah…. I think I remember The Mother in Law story from high school English class. We were reading “Grimm’s Grimmest,” which has all the good juicy stuff Disney trims off.

    Aura sure does look like a certain princess from 1938.

    Wisteria my ass…. Creamy Mami is clearly working under cover.

    5:20 I’m dying. 🤣 That baby looks just like Louie Anderson!

    Primrose is a “noxious weed” where I live, so it’s an amusing name choice.

    The voice acting is so potent you can almost taste it.

    What’s that. Intrepid? You say little Timmy fell into the well again?

    He stabbed his nose, silly.

    Looks like Little Richard finally found his True Fine Mama.

    Laughed hard enough at the ending that I may have woken someone up.





  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    The art and animation in this one actually isn’t bad at all. Kind of reminds me of a generic bronze age comic or an 80s Saturday morning cartoon that I can’t quite place. It’s got some errors, but that was par for the course when everything was still largely hand drawn.

    Now for the plot that depends on every person being an idiot – well that’s another matter.

    • likalaruku
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      I think I can help you remember. It’s probably one of the following 80s cartoons:

      *Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics. (The art was inconsistent from episode to episode).

      *Heidi, Girl of the Alps.


      *Voltron: Defender of the Universe.


      *Adventures of the Little Prince.

      *Littl’ Bits.

      *The Littles.

      *Alice in Wonderland (1983).

      *The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1986).

      *The Adventures of Pinocchio.

      *Gatchaman (aka Battle of the Planets aka G-Force).

      *My Favorite Fairy Tales 1986.

      *Princess Sarah 1985.

      *Ulysses 31. (imho I can see the most similarities with this one).

      *Thunderbirds 2086.

      *Tales of Little Women.

      *Rounen Warriors.

      *Saint Seiya 1986.

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    Memeforce Zwei
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    This leaked footage of Winx Club Season 8 sure looks terrible.

    Felicity getting blood on her finger……..A FAAAMMMMM-ILY PICTURE indeed……..

    Also, isn’t it just me or does the prince who saves Felicity look like a blonde-haired cross between Marth, Roy, and Link?