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    I have heard that Capcom is already contemplating an RE3 REmake, no doubt hoping to take advantage of the Mr. X AI they put together for this game. Personally, I hope that’s true.

    Now, I love this new RE2. The original is still one of my favorites and this is a great remake. I agree with pretty much everything Phelous said in the review, but there are a couple of thoughts I have to add.

    First, the window barricades are a nice addition, allowing you to strategically block zombies from getting into areas of the RPD. Also, bringing in ammo crafting from RE3 with jars of gunpowder is nice, but I wish they did a bit more with the combinations of gunpowder like RE3 did. This is probably because Leon and Claire have fewer individual weapon options then Jill did.

    I do love what they did with the characters for the most part. Marvin, Robert and Annette get a lot more and even that poor semi driver at the start of the game gets some more development. I do wish Alyson Court could have been brought back as Claire, since she’s my favorite RE character and while I do like the new Claire, it’s not quite the same.

    Even so, great job on this one, Capcom.

  • andrewsqual
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    Damn, can’t watch this review yet as, after a whole month since release, I have only finished Claire A and am on Leon B, only after meeting Ada. To say I am playing it slowly is an understatement.

    I assume this is still a “Phelous and the Movies” episode then, the “Games” thing is just a little joke on the thumbnail as its something that would drive silly Youtube users to say “Actual Lee” I assume lol?

    I haven’t watched the vid yet but I have a few things to say myself. I really thought they would do way more with the mayor’s daughter in in the actual main game but she doesn’t even get referred to in files. Anyone who didn’t play the original would be pretty confused who or why she is there in the orphanage (unless more happens in Claire B that is). In the orignal game Chief Irons said something in a file about letting her go so he could “hunt” her down. I thought that would happen in the game and you would have to get a key off her then.

    I am actually glad Alison Court didn’t return for Claire as hearing her awesome voice in this would be quite jarring. Its kind of like playing this game with the original soundtrack swap. Its AWESOME but it takes away any fear or atmosphere in the game hearing that sweet music.

    In other RE news, did anybody see the video that Paul Haddad, the guy who played Leon in the original Resident Evil 2, posted? He says he hasn’t been in a game since RE2 but he is going to be in a new game called Daymare 1998, a game that originally started out as a RE2 fan remake lol. Crazy. 🙂

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    I don’t much care about the remake, but I appreciate that they had Enrico there.  Oh wait.  That was you…  Well then!