• lichenking
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    Man Lois has a cute crazy person face.

  • rdaveh
    Old Man
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    When you ask the average Joe about Superman’s greatest power, they’ll give you obvious answers like “flight” or “super strength”, or even philosophical things like “truth & justice”. But as any true fan knows, his greatest power is “Throwing a plastic S that moves you slightly across the room and then dissipates”. Truly the hallmark move of the House of El!

  • Aethelred
    Bat Hero
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    Hmm, who else…Power Girl, Krypto the Super-dog, Superboy Prime, the Bottled City of Kandor, Sodam Yat and the other Daxamites…I think that’s pretty much it post-Crisis. Lewis could probably expand on that.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I honestly couldn’t get through this review. I don’t want to be “that guy” that will defend a childhood favorite movie blindly, but the level of nitpick and inability to understand the camp and what mainstream superhero comics were actually like at that time comes off as wanting to hate these movies.

    These weren’t made in 2018 – and thankfully so…or else we might get a literally worse Lex Luthor (Eisenberg) in a film that should know better, where here we get a silly one in a movie that could have done better – but existed between Adam West’s and Tim Burton’s Batmans (Batmen?)…so it’s more like an evolution.

    If you’re going to just manufacture reasons to hate things…giant floaty head councils were used in the Justice League cartoon series from the mid-2000s (played straight), The Venture Brothers (satirically) and probably a bunch of other places with about a 50% ominous and cool to goofy rate.

    I mean right from the start…how did Clark not know Louis was in Paris? It’s like 1979…no cellphones or social media updates…also Louis is doggedly independent and impetuous. She frequently would deliberately leave Clark in the dark so she could get the exclusive scoop because she’s fucking Louis Lane the career journalist that doesn’t give a shit about personal safety pretty regularly.

    I gave up pretty soon after that. Again, this is a campy, fun movie that was a product of it’s time. I guess watching this review is like watching someone trash Casablanca or To Kill a Mockingbird because: “it’s soooo boring and they’re so dumb they forget to add the color to the movie – what is this found footage? Are we seeing this through a security camera? What gives?”


    Sorry, I love Lupa, but this review just made me roll my eyes a lot.


    • YouAskedForIt
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      At the end she said she liked pretty much anything I liked about this movie, so I don’t find myself at odds with her lol.


      And it’s not exactly nit-pick territory, these are some goofy plot points that these movies mow through.

      • Jon Protagonist
        Jon Protagonist
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        It’s not an all or nothing proposition here.

        It really is in keeping with the times in terms of tone, and of course there are some silly elements.


        But on the nitpicking? Again:

        “why is she in paris?” – To get the scoop, she’s an intrepid reporter

        “how did Superman not know?” – It’s the 70’s, she probably hopped the first flight and her cell phone and Clark’s answering machine weren’t invented yet.

        “she seems to get into trouble a lot”: – That’s like character trait #2 behind being an intrepid reporter for Louis Lane.

        Yeah, it’s nitpicking.

        The Zach Snyder Louis Lane is actually worse in many ways and certainly farther from the silver age tone of this film.

  • happymel2
    The Fuct of Pepsiman
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    I know OF this movie but I’ve never seen it and I had no idea that there were two versions! O.O

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Never heard of the Richard Donner cut.

    This movie was a lot sillier than I remembered.