• likalaruku
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    1:19 Seriously, just slap some Scooby Doo dance music over that & it will fit.

    Lu Kang could cut a rock with that sharp cheek.

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    I kind of feel bad for kids that grew up with this as their big action cartoon. Were there other, better action cartoons for the young male demographic around at this time? If anyone reads this and wants to give me some examples, I’d be interested to hear what the favorites of people that grew up on cartoons a few years after me think.

    You can see they really want to capture that GIJOE special commando force against a secretive serpent-themed evil force here and that opening battle reminded me specifically of the Cobra B.A.Ts (Battle Andriod troopers) that were made so Joes could finally shoot stuff instead of having to punch Cobra soldiers in the face to defeat them. Then they immediately go to a scene of  Quan Chi taking to a room full of mystical serpents and I thought of Serpentor.

    Then I thought about how much better GI JOE was in terms of writing, animation, and characterization…both shows were product tie-ins for the zeitgeist of their day whether it was action figures or video games.  A lot of the story suggestion Phelous makes actually sound like they would have appeared in a better written 80s cartoon.

    • Anno Nimus
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      There were much better action cartoons during this time period. X-Men, The Tick and Gargoyles just to name a few.

    • likalaruku
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      Lessee…. This came out in 96. Wild Kats & Gargoyles were 94…. Swat Cats & Biker Mice from Mars were 93….  X-Men & Batman TAS were 92…. Okay, I see a trend of action shows getting progressively less violent as time marches forward.

  • Otaku World Order
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    So to recap, Sonya makes a mistake in a fight and Stryker acts like a complete asshole a berates her. Sonya apologizes. Stryker doesn’t. Sonya brings up Jax being fat as a kid. Jax blames Sonya for her partner’s death. Sonya apologizes. Jax doesn’t.

    I beginning to see why she wanted to quit this shit last episode.

    Also, Quan Chi’s big plan was to make the main cast act like assholes and fight each other… which is exactly what he did in his first appearance in Mortal Kombat K(C)onquest except with Nether Dust instead of a Magic Rock Thing. They really didn’t have any good ideas for schemes for Quan Chi.