• SummerLadyDresden
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    I was never able to get into “Charmed”.  The most I watched was spots of reruns on TNT occasionally.  It seemed like 3 women bitching and moaning about either their love lives or whatever the monster of the week was.

  • SummerLadyDresden
    A Real Turtles Fighter
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    Also, Anna Devane from “General Hospital” and Clyde Weston from “Days of Our Lives”?????  I don’t know whether to feel ill or not.

  • Aethelred
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    Good to know that, no matter what the medium, Charmed is too good to get bogged down in all that “consistency” and “continuity” bullshit.

    Plus, that Cole will be stuck on the karma treadmill forever to make up for…wait, what did he do again? Given that the series as a whole is a Buffy knockoff, I’m guessing he was meant to be the Angel stand-in, but if you want a redemption arc, you have to eventually, you know, let him redeem himself. Also it doesn’t work if the protagonists do things that are at least as bad if not worse.

  • yusiko
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    Gott admit, i have always enjoyed charmed. i thought its first 3 seasons were actually pretty decent. nothing great but still a fun show. the rest is just goofy wish fulfillment and that never bothered me



    we arent supposed to be rooting for the charmed ones past season 3 we are supposed to want to be them. we are supposed to want their house, their magic, their boyfriends, their careers. everything is blatant wish fulfillment plus small adventures that are easily solved with no lasting consequences

  • Otaku World Order
    Otaku World Order
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    Oh, geez… There’s a season 10? How much farther can they go with this? I have to admit I am curious though.

    Also, Zenescope… Yeeshhhh… I remember their “horror” Wonderland series having the Mad Hatter be a pedophile who was banished to Wonderland for molesting his nephew… and he wore the hat to cover the fact that the March Hare chopped the top of his head off.

    Yes, really.

  • TheSKARD1
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    Weren’t The Elders killed during the show, or at least some of them? I’m thinking the sword could have been left in the vault during a previous administration and The Elders involved have since been replaced.

    If Cooper died as an infant how does he have descendants?

    Since cupids aren’t informed of their family (and apparently aren’t aware that there is a limitation) how can they tell who not to use their power on? Seems like it should backfire from accidental encounters far more often.

    I thought the prophecy was fulfilled the first time they vanquished The Source and were offered an opportunity to live normal lives without magical powers.

    I actually think Paige could keep the mortal baby. There wouldn’t be a record of his birth since he wasn’t born. Plus the sisters have so many kids of their own she could shuffle him in and no one would notice the addition of one more. The authorities shouldn’t even know that there was a child to involve in a custody dispute?

  • happymel2
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    6:53 in Part 1 was so scary to me. The eyes! Look at the eyes! Also, most comics bold certain random words nowadays. 

  • karignisha
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    never deen the show but this was fun to watch. lol omg the art. im i to comic books so i see so many wrong.

  • likalaruku
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    I had a weird dream you did a retrospective of the old MacGuyver TV series & Fantasy Island.

  • likalaruku
    Completely Useless Now
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    Your ancient Charmed retrospective that I rewatch religiously every year was a masterpiece. A glorious 26 layer wedding cake that can never be baked again.

    Zenescope seems a horrible match for charmed, since both things run sexist in complete opposite directions, though the impression I got reading their Alice series was more Grindhouse & the only thing that was really sexist in the end was that all the women wore stripperiffic battle lingerie while the men were grossly overdressed.

    Agree about the samey-looking guys. It’s like playing LOTRO & every quest-giving male Elf NPC in the game looks like a low resolution Camui Gackt.

    lol, I’ve been begging Phelan to review Clutch Cargo for years.

    Tracing, lack of quality control, constantly changing artists, so many babies… Imagine if Rob Liefeld, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca worked on DC’s godawful New 52 & the it was rehashed into an Elsagate baby series.