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    I’m so happy to see you review this. I know you weren’t happy with how the vote came down, but this movie really needed to have the Phelous treatment sooner or later. Heck, it’s good to see you revisit horror movies on occasion, feels like the old days… minus Channel-less-than-awesome.

    It’s amazing how lazy this stupid movie was. Pinhead doesn’t get any of the gravitas or epic dialogue that he used to. His teeth are bloody pearly whites!!
    Though I will say, despite it being stupid that there’s a bootleg OF the bootleg Pinhead in this movie, Bootleg-bootleg Pinhead looks really frickin’ amazing in terms of makeup effects. Pretty much the only thing in the movie that they clearly worked hard on is the makeup, since the skinless character looks even better here than in the first two films. It definitely looks a lot better than the truly shitty make-up effects in the most recent direct-to-dvd piece of crap.

    What’s truly depressing is, the basic concept of the film would be pretty promising if not for the unlikeable characters and obvious rushed production. If they’d had, like, a year or so to get their stuff together and make a polished script, maybe with Clive Barker’s input, this could’ve turned the series around at least a little right at the end. As is, it’s garbage, and rather disheartening at that.

  • Dmitry Kurushin
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    Great review, Phelous! Though a shame, that the movie was so lame. No wonder Bradley turned the role down. But, with this script it probably didn’t matter who they picked as Pinhead – he isn’t even written as himself. And I’m not against characters changing actors, if they’ve done it well.

    Speaking of changing actors, have you seen Hellraiser Judgment? I haven’t yet, but I’m going to give it a chance, since from what I’ve heard, it does expand the mythos of the franchise and gives Pinhead a potentially interesting arc. Plus after Revelations it just has to be better. Hell (pun intended), I would be more impressed, if they somehow manage to get worse.

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    Yes, the movie that Clive Barker hated so much he wrote the Scarlet Gospels, featuring Pinhead and his wacky cenobite adventures.

  • Jon Protagonist
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    I actually enjoyed some of the later Hellraiser sequels which I never experienced when they first released. I bought them in one of those department store packs and watched them in a relatively short period of time, and in that way they play out a bit like a gory version of the Twilight Zone or Night Gallery. Of course there was HellWorld which was the inevitable really bad episode in the anthology and made me pity Lance Henrikson for having to be in it.

    I never watched this one, and I’m glad I skipped it…holy crap this looks cheap and low-effort.



  • likalaruku
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    Good poll. Did already see a review or two of Ant’s Life, but I’m not familiar with Billionaire Dogs.

    Oh boy, The Blaireraiser Project.

    You’re right, he really does look like Uncle Fester. ∗˚(* ˃̤൬˂̤ *)˚∗

    I’m laughing at everyone who ever told me 3 or 4 were the worst Hellraiser movies right now. Though this certainly was not one of the more boring ones. Better to be bad then to be mediocre.

    Dunno why, but the end part of this movie reminds me of Funny Games (you reviewed it 10 years ago).

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    I wonder which has more scenes of people sitting around in a den or living room doing fuck all, this or Boo! A Madea Halloween. This is probably the only movie that gives that one a challenge on this subject, a subject no one cares about.