• andrewsqual
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    I will have a look at this video later but holy crap, THANK YOU for that thumbnail. Clearly you are with me on hating those STUPID Youtube videos with red arrows pointing to NOTHING on them. Tip Youtubers, if you have red arrows pointing to nothing in your videos, I am NEVER ever going to click or watch it. In this instance I already know its April Fool’s Day and Phelous has this in the video for ironic and probably very humorous reasons. ^_^

  • Jon Protagonist
    Jon Protagonist
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    Too meta! Too Meta!

    Just kidding.

    Actually this also reminded me of that Garfield fan theory where the one strip showed Garfield alone in the house as if John had abandoned him, and the rest of the run of the series was all happening in his mind as he slowly starved to death.

    Also obviously how people try to create linear continuity in what is clearly meant to be episodic content.