• Lingo202
    Old Man
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    Haha, Great stuff.

  • Quan Chi
    Quan Chi
    Just might make the CUT
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    Phelous, you need to review more movies with ZAITOON. Instead of drinking liquor, Wabuu should drink ZAITOON  oil, because you’ll never be useless if you get wet with ZAITOON. Don’t forget about all the abandoned ZAITOON oil factories you could explore, and all the ZAITOON bootlegs out there to review. Sorry, I just can’t stop thinking about ZAITOON. Nothing in the world is better than ZAITOON. ZAITOON. ZAITOON. ZAITOON!

  • Spike
    I'm on a post!
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    Haha, I like how Harry can’t animate badly even when he’s TRYING to look like people with no talent.

    I’m glad you guys decided to start uploading bloopers for the odd video here and there a while back. It’s really fun seeing the chemistry between takes.